The 2016 Cellerciser now
has digital springs. The older
model had analog springs.
Beware of sellers selling the old
analog models. Tap on each spring
with a spoon to know if it is a 2016
model and each spring should
sound exactly the same.

Digitally Cooled & Tempered Springs with 2 heat reducing coats of steel alloy




The new 2016 digital springs will fit on older analog model spring Cellercisers.

This is the first triple tiered digitally made rebounder. They no longer make analog springs.
This rebounder now sets the standard in the industry. There are companies still selling old
stock (the older analog spring Cellerciser). We only carry the 2016 model.
Beware of unauthorized dealers who have purchased the older edition "analog" spring Cellercisers.
Any Cellerciser not shipped by the manufacturer or an authorized dealer might be the old version.
Call the manufacturer at 1-800-856-4863 to verify we are selling the 2016 model.

To avoid double shipping we get Cellercisers drop shipped directly from
Take our rebounder quiz and you will get the discounted price on the Cellerciser.
If you live in Florida, if takes one day to ship to you. if you live on the west coast we ship from Utah. It takes about 2-3 days to get to the states next to CA. It takes 4 to 5 days to the others states.
If for any reason I do not answer, you can buy the Cellerciser from the manufacturer. The discount code is Living Foods. Anyone at will help you and they will give you the discount that I offer if I am not available.

Due to the popular demand of this rebounder, I have decided to stock the Cellerciser.
Give me a call and I will offer it to you at a special price. I also throw in freebies with every Cellerciser.

Buyer Beware: There are 2 websites that I know of that are not authorized dealers who sell the Cellerciser. We are an authorized
dealer that you can verify by calling the manufacturer and mentioning our website. Our Cellercisers are authentic and come with
a full warranty.
I guess the name says it all. This rebounder says "i'm on a mission": work those cells and keep them from becoming the toxic cesspools that characterize stagnant tissue. I'm down for that!

The Cellerciser sets me straight on a previous assumption that only a unitized chassis can levy distinctive performance in a field of serious contenders! This Trifold rebounder managed a good showing, masking my no-ass-at-all symptoms by keeping my loosely fastened pants from dropping, has quality componentry throughout, and travels in style.

Bouncing across the matt, left to right, forward and back, its integrity shines through. My ankles are so happy here, and that's where it takes its biggest swipe at the bungee on it's perch: it holds its form!

Real deal, triple-tiered springs pretty much match the organic bungee for smooth action while giving firmer, and further cell compression at maxiumum load(the bottom of the bounce.
The sophisticated spring design also means one model can satisfy weights ranging from 100 pounds to well over 300. Also, the mat integrity provides for an even bounce. The combined effect transcends the sum of the parts and scores a better fatigue factor than the bungee.
Its friendly to your tile or linoleum floor. I'll try and scuff my floor with the feet of all the rebounders and show you what each of the feet does.
The Cellerciser is considerate of chemical sensitivities (i've sniffed it after being in a hot car for 5 hours and didn't get dizzy) and dresses in classic black. With the chic, included luggage, there are no excuses for leaving it behind when traveling.

My evaluations put the Cellerciser as the benchmark.

Unpacking my new Cellerciser!
Cellerciser is the rebounder that is 100% micro-computer automatic controled machine molding.
Nothing is hand welded. Every detail is made with perfection or it is tossed out. There are no cold spots
on the Cellerciser and every spring is balanced and uniform that is proven here.
Cellerciser has the highest grade carbon springs out of any rebounder that cannot be disputed.

The Cellerciser is molded in 100% tungsten which is the most expensive way to mold steel.
High carbon steel rather than stainless steel accounts for the higher cost of this rebounder.
High carbon steel springs will NEVER need to be replaced due to stretching or breaking by rebounding.

I agree that the Cellerciser does not bounce like a typical rebounder. Not one, not two, but 3 tiers in
their springs makes a night and day difference in the bounce.
We did an even bounce experiment which we prove how high carbon steel springs are better. Our Cellerciser
in the video is over a year old and the springs have not stretched at all which the spoon can tell you. I do not 
like how many rebounder companies are making comparison videos with "new" rebounders. All rebounders when
new do not have stretched out springs. Of course it won't throw you off to the side or pronate your feet because
most of the springs are uniform to the point where the diference will not be noticed until a few months and up to
the point of up to 2 years when you have to change all the springs which costs about 75 bucks. By the way, if you
get a rebounder that requires you to change springs, you will end up paying more in the future but less up front for
their rebounder. In about a year you will notice a difference in bounce.

Bouncing near the edges of a Cellerciser will not throw us to the center due to the tripple tiers.

The story behind Cellerciser that I feel people should know.
The rebound exercise trend that began in the 1970s has met controversy with the possibility of injuries
due to inferior equipment, but Hall claims he has solved this problem. His trampoline, the Cellerciser®, is
made of solid steel and uses the “Triple-Tiered Tapered Spring,� a patent-pending spring that allows exercisers
of all weights to get a complete workout with the proper spring resistance. Without proper resistance, the
exercises are either ineffective or harmful. According to Hall, his own father suffered permanent and crippling
nerve damage due to one month of exercises on an inferior trampoline.
This tragic event led to the creation of Hall’s product.

The cellerciser:
This offers the lowest impact bounce for almost any person regardless of their condition (such as weak ankles,
weak knees, or a bad back). It's tripple tiered springs are designed with these conditions in mind.
It does not rubber tips that are known to crack over time. It has polymer instead that will not scratch floors. I have
never heard of anyone getting leg tip replacements on a Cellerciser. It's paint is electro statically applied and not
spray painted so it will not flake off like others which causes it to rust.

The Cellerciser is not hand welded which is less expensive to do than robotic welding. Robotic welding eliminates cold
spots which makes a rebounder prone to breaking over time. This also helps so it will not wobble as the welds do not
bend. I have heard stories of people having to put a superglue quarters to the bottom of the feet due to the frame
warping over time....just like restaurants put something under the leg of a warped table so that it is balanced.
The thing I like best about the Cellerciser is that it is waterproof. I don't have to worry about sweating and having to
wipe it off right away. The paint is not spray painted or baked in and sweat will not harm the rebounder.
This rebounder will let you jump anywhere on the mat without worring about if you are stepping one foot in the middle
and one foot on the edges of the mat. This rebounder will NOT pronate or invert your ankles. Most of the other brands
you will either have to learn how to jump with feet equal distance from the center point of the rebounder or perhaps
wear running shoes that are designed for people that pronate their ankles while running.
The contender that Cellerciser has to battle out with daily is the bungee. The bungee is Cellercisers biggest
competitor. Depending on the needs of the bouncer, 50% of the people will
go for the bungee if they can afford it and the other 50% will go for the Cellerciser. The bungee rebounder offers a
few things that the Cellerciser doesn't offer and the Cellerciser offers a few thing that the bungee doesn't offer.

The "little exta" slowed cellular compression before the mat brings you to halt makes the difference between that "bottom out"
feeling and a feeling of gently halting without jarring the body.
The heavier someone is or the harder the bounce with the balance bar for getting a better workout will make the
cellular compression at the bottom of the bounce the most noticable. If a person is doing exercises that focus on
lymph movement and one is working with gravity to move lymph then one will want the least jarring of the rebounders.
Almost anyone can notice the difference between a sudden stop when the spring cannot give anymore and a
spring that utilizes each tier when needed.

The Cellerciser will not utilize the higher tension parts of the spring unless it is needed.
Because the Cellerciser is triple tiered it gives more even bouncing on the mat than any rebounder on the market that I
have tried. Because it is made of nickel it can handle weights even over 300 lbs. Their mats are Permatron and have been
designed with so much pressure that they can out-perform other mats on the market and will not sag or rip like others
after heavy usage. The Cellerciser does not give that plastic and rubber smell like other rebounders do. I have put this
rebounder in my car in the hot sun when it was brand new and no smell was leached. I have had other new rebounders
still in the box and I could smell the leached smells instantly. It is almost as bad as the formaldehydes that are present
when you smell the "new car smell" in a new car.
Combined with its high carbon alloy tripple tiered springs, the Cellerciser is a fierce competitor to the  bungee.
Celleciser has the most balanced acceleration and decelleration factor of all rebounders on the market.

The triple tiers adjust to your weight and can work because the proprietary blend of high carbon steels makes it possible in the Cellerciser.
Barrel springs look the same but without high carbon steel a triple tiered spring would stretch and would not work.
Many companies are currently trying to copy the triple tiered spring and making look-a-likes but they don't know the blend of alloys that they use and so far have not copied it.

I rate the Cellerciser as the standard for all spring rebounders. This rebounder sets the bar for all rebounders to come.

There are SEVEN rows of 4 PLY thread Permatron mat. This is the what their hinge looks like.
A triple tiered 2X coated spring. Multi-Alloy. Highest Carbon Content    Cellercisers's Naugahyde reinforced cover is the heaviest cover.

Their frame is 100% robotic welded steel w/ ZERO cold spots    These little things on the spring to prevent slipping off when traveling.

Their legs are designed to give a little wobble but the rebounder does not wobble due to the grasp that
the feet have on the floor. You will never need to duck tape the feet for wobbling.
The difference between a TRIPLE TIERED spring and a BARREL spring.
There is a lot of confusion over these springs as they look similar in pictures. It is hard to show the depth and the way the triple tiered spring stretches in its tiers that makes it different that a barrel shaped spring.
Please see our spring section to learn more about the differences. I hope this clears up the confusion over the two types.

MAKE SURE IT'S THE 2016 "cross-stitched mat model.
Feel free to call the manufacturer at 1-800-856-4863 to verify that we are selling the latest model. They will tell you the differences between their older model and the 2016 model.
When I would not recommend this rebounder
Those traveling on the plane who want to check it in (costs $25 to $35 to check it in)
(If it's your 2nd piece of luggage, it costs $35 and both ways, thats $70 to go back and forth.
We often have people that contact us that buy the half fold and after one trip of paying $70 they
want to return it to get the tri fold so they can bring it on the plane without paying a fee. Contact me
if you want to get one of these. There may be a wait list for these returns. I will contact people in the
order I am contacted.

There is really nothing else that I don't like about this rebounder except that they won't let
me take it on the plane without checking it in.

I would recommend this rebounder for
Those who do not want to EVER change springs.
Those with ankle and knee problems
People with low bone density issues
Those using the bar who are different heights. (the bar is self adjusting for 3 levels)
Those that want to do side to side bouncing without different tension levels (the mat tension adjusts to your body weight from the triple tiers.
The Health Bounce as well as heavy aerobic workouts
For those adding weights or up to 350 pounds total weight loading
Lymphatic movement and cardiovascular workouts
Those that want to keep this outside, in the snow or hot sun without chemical smell leaching.

It can be slightly heavy to carry as it has the highest gauge steel frame that some people find too heavy to carry. The tri-fold has a rolling bag which eliminates this problem. Another concern is that the Cellerciser is the most expensive rebounder on the market and is overkill for some people that are new to rebounding and don't understand how to use it, especially the Health Bounce. Many people just jump up and down not knowing what they are doing and use the bar and can get away with a cheaper rebounder as long as they wear anti-pronation shoes. If you are trying to do lymphatic workouts this is a good rebounder to get. It also has the ability to give you high amplitude as you kick in the 2nd and third tiers for these types of exercises.

This rebounder is very unique as it will give the Health Bounce if you jump lightly only kicking in the first tier spring and it will also give you a lot of bounce if you put more energy into the bounce kicking in the third tier. The tiers are similar to gears in a car. You don't use the extra gears unless you need them. This gives just enough bounce to do the exercise you want to do and you don't have to wait for the entire spring to "give" until it accelerates you from the highest stretching point. The first tier is the softer tier. This takes out all the jarring. Then if your weight calls for the second tier, it will give you additional softness or if you don't have enough force coming down it will act like the end of the first tier. The third tier usually never bottoms out for people under 300 pounds and acts as a cushion for those who don't use it. Because you never use the entire next tier you never feel that jarring sensation that single tiers give.

The more folds a rebounder has the better. 2 folds are better than none. 3 folds, such as their tri fold, is the best you can get. It's like a triangle formation that keeps the impact towards the center. When I jump against or with the grain I was never thrown off it. I do not like the non fold rebounders at all. There is nothing I like about them over time. At first they seem ok but as the frame warps you see what I mean. I have some rebounders that I cannot even jump on because one of the feet doesn't touch the floor and every time I jump it now wobbles, just like a table that warps and you have to put duck tape under the leg. The tri fold Cellerciser is much heavier than the half fold giving it a very solid, stable feel to the ground. The half fold is stable but the tri fold is more of the commercial, professional grade. It is way worth the price if know what it feels like. It is really about a 20% difference in feel over the half fold or the tri fold. Both are the same except the frame and the heavier weight of it.

The more folds a rebounder has the better. 2 folds are better than none. 3 folds, such as their tri fold, is the best you can get. It's like a triangle formation that keeps the impact towards the center. When I jump against or with the grain I was never thrown off it. I do not like the non fold rebounders at all. There is nothing I like about them over time. At first they seem ok but as the frame warps you see what I mean. I have some rebounders that I cannot even jump on because one of the feet doesn't touch the floor and every time I jump it now wobbles, just like a table that warps and you have to put duck tape under the leg. The tri fold Cellerciser is much heavier than the half fold giving it a very solid, stable feel to the ground. The half fold is stable but the tri fold is more of the commercial, professional grade. It is way worth the price if know what it feels like. It is really about a 20% difference in feel over the half fold or the tri fold. Both are the same except the frame and the heavier weight of it.
Do you need their bar?
I will put it this way. 95% of the people that don't get the bar call back and order it later. Not because of balancing with it, but because you can do leg curls, leg extensions while coming down from the bounce that works out those muscles that you cannot do well without the bar. There are so many other exercises you can do with the bar too. You miss out on so much without having a bar. Also, the bar costs 18 dollars to ship if ordered separately. People get upset if I don't tell them about this also. I strongly urge people to get the bar. You will be thanking me later.
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The New 2016
Cellerciser now has Double Coated High Temperature alloy Steel springs. This removes heat from the spring so it will not heat up and stretch.
We will now expose any dealer 
who is selling the older analog
 Cellerciser claiming it is Cellerciser's newest 
2016 model.
Please feel free to verify we are selling the newest double alloy coated spring models.
The direct number to the manufacturer is 1-800-856-4863.
Order your 2016 Digitally Tempered Cellerciser Here.
2016 Digital Dual Coat Cellerciser - Analog Spring Warning:
The latest Cellerciser's NEW high carbon springs are double dipped in an alloy coating to absorb the heat from the spring.  These weigh at 106 grams. They SHOULD ALL WEIGH THE SAME EACH. THE DIGITALLY TUNED SPRINGS SHOULD ALSO ALL SOUND THE SAME AT THE TAP OF A SPOON WHEN THEY ARE ON THE REBOUNDER. The new cold tempered springs are what makes it different than the older analog model. You will not have to change springs EVER with the new double coat springs they now have. No more overheating of the springs when you bounce.

Buy a Half-Fold or Tri-Fold Cellerciser and get
Free intro to rebounding DVD
Free Carrying Case
Free DVD: Cellercise: The Ultimate Exercise
Free EMF Protection Sticker for Cell Phone $60 value
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This offer is only good on the New 2016 model.
2016 Commercial Grade Cellerciser Cold Tempered Spring Edition
Digitally tempered triple-tier springs
Polymer feet
Electrostatic Chip-Free paint
4 Ply Polyester Threaded Mat
The 2016 Digitally Tempered 
Commercial Cellerciser
Now with Double Coated
Low Melting Point
Alloy Spring Coatings.

Absorbs heat so springs 
won't heat up and stretch.
You may order any rebounder from the manufacture and mention the code "Healthy Trampolines" and get the freebies we throw in.

The toll free number to is 1-800-856-4863.
Mention code "Healthy Trampolines".
Make sure you ask for the extra freebies.
Make sure you get the 2016 model. Ask for the 106+ gram springs model. Now available!
With a 3 minute oiling every 2 to 3 times a YEAR, or a quick spraying of WD40 on ends of each spring, takes me about 3 minutes every few months, and my springs are super silent. There are a lot of people that are lazy and never spend 3 minutes only a few times a year to oil their rebounder and have put up videos showing that their rebounder squeaks. Mine never squeaks. I've taken mine into a movie theater, a library, and even the air port and no one is bothered. I get people ever day askign if spring rebounders are noisy. Many of them squeek like crazy but mine doesn't.

Ask for the NEW 2016 Digitally Tempered Cellerciser.

The manufactures number is 1-800-856-4863
Compare the top Lymphatic Rebounders
New Zealand lymphaciser VS CELLERCISER
Compare Here
Open from 8am till 10pm

Open from 8am till 10pm

NEW 106 Grams Digital Tempered Springs in picture.
Beware of dealers selling the older model at the same price.

Both springs in the picture are Cellerciser springs.
NOtice the difference in coil count in the older version.
Ultimate Cellerciser Promo Offer
2016 Digitally Tempered Cellerciser 
See Below Offer
Cellerciser Models
Beware: Make sure you get the new Cross Stitched Mat Cellerciser
There are a lot of people buying the Cellerciser from other websites and here is a picture of one that someone just sent me. This is the older version they just bought and it is not the latest version with the new cross stitched mat. If the rebounder is shipped directly from the manufacturer it will be the new model. Call Cellerciser and ask or the New cross stitched mat and how it is different if you want to know.
Their number is 1-800-856-4863. 
Mention promo code HealthyTrampolines and the freebies will be sent out that I throw in below. Or you can order on the link below.
Buyer Beware:
If you get a new cellerciser and it looks like this, it is not the new version.