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New Rebounder Customer Review
There are 2 types of toxins people have. Gut toxins and fat toxins that the lymphatic system is stimulated on slow moving vibration machine. What people don't seem to understand is that only fat soluble toxins can get pumped out through the lymph and not the toxins built up in the gut. Only an aggressive probiotic can help eliminate that along. Most people with fibromyalgia will not necessarily benefit from the vibration machine unless they have an aerobic metabolism. They will move lymph but the toxins released will usually exceed their body's capacity to metabolize the waste. When the liver is so toxic and can't process the wastes it can cause the body to be swollen and cellulite happens. Cellulite is a very low circulation part of the body that holds toxins very well.

If the lymph fluid is toxic and acidic the fluid in the lymph vessels loses its aerobic capacity. When people are acidic they breath hard even from the smallest exertion. Everyone is telling them to exercise. Exercise when the body is in this condition can rob the tissues and cells of oxygen. I am very careful telling someone to exercise when I know they they are toxic.

When people mobilize sequestered toxins - in other words when people stir the mud that has settle on the bottom - beyond the body's cleansing capacity, people will experience some negative reactions: headache, diarrhea or constipation, skin congestion, blemishes, bad breath, swelling, and in general worsening of any inflammatory conditions you may already have. Many people take zeolite to help facilitate their detox.

Along with your new rebounding protocol it is strongly recommended to consider strengthening your elimination capacity - this includes your mostly your lining in your digestive system with an aggressive probiotic and liver. People notice the biggest change when rebounding while taking aggressive probiotics. The zeolite binds the toxins together to be eliminated. Many toxic people need a liver flush along with colonics in the beginning before even starting a rebounding routine. By knowing what you are doing it can speed up the detox and weight loss process dramatically.

Please research probiotics and zeolite. I can recommend different brands based on what has worked for people in the past.
I have called read over my emails dating back from 2004 from customers who bought rebounders from me and am going to summarize everything that I have learned.
Which rebounder best serves You? I compile useful information to help you make a decision.
Many of my customers say that the Cellerciser makes them itch, some even said that it feels like mosquito bit them.
This is actually from those that are rebounding properly. When the itching starts the session should be stopped immediately. This itching is very common on spring rebounders when bouncing while barely coming off the mat. When the lymph system and blood circulation happens faster than the body can handle it. This is why they say to only go 2 minutes at a time. If bouncing with your toes first no one I over talked to has got that itchy feeling. The Cellerciser emails were the only ones that mentioned this itchiness. This is probably because their is more G force at the bounces without jumping high off the mat. If jumping high off thee mat their will probably be no itching and therefore the hydraulic pump in the lymph vessels will not be created. 
Many people call me with hip problems. A spring rebounder is always going to be easier on the joints than any other type. If the rebounder inverts your ankles too much, it can put pressure on the hip over time. Most people that get the wrong rebounder don't know this because the ballistic impact from a rebounder that inverts the ankle happens over time. By this time the person cannot return the rebounder. (We give 30 days for anyone to try out any rebounder we recommend in case someone wants to try to see if they like it). Many people buy bungee rebounders but if buying a bungee, make sure it is a Jumpsport as they have the smallest mat that you can adjust the tension level so the feet don't invert and the tension is more firm. (the 370 model is the model I recommend if someone wants to move lymph and they feel they want a bungee over a spring). There are advantages and disadvantages of both. For hip problems, the two that I recommend are the Jumpsport 370 and the new Cellerciser. Take my quiz at the bottom of the page and I will pick based on your answers.
OK, for people that have a bad back I would choose a spring rebounder no questions asked. It seems that a bungee would be gentler on an already compromised back but it is not. I have sold both types of rebounders to people with bad backs and just about everyone that rebounders on a regular basis likes the spring rebounder if they have a back problem and they want to increase their bone mass. If there is not enough G force the body cannot stimulate growth hormone (HGH) and the bone cells (osteoblasts) cannot do their job. Based on what I have learned even if a bungee model is easy on the back if the back is not too compromised, the g force is much different than on a spring model. See my section on "push vs POP". Each can have 3 g force but if you have to come out of the mat so high that the negative pressure in the lymphatic vessels is paused when air born, the lymphatic flush might slow. Bones need G force to build back up and to regrow. I am not making this up. Google "Wolfe's Law" if you didn't learn that in Anatomy 101. So many people also bounce with their toes and even if they have the right rebounder they won't get the benefits that rebounding offers. The new Cellerciser and the Soft Bounce Needak are my two favorite for people who have bad backs. The Cellerciser has a different feel than the Needak but both will give the same results as far as bone density is concerned. The Cellerciser, you don't have to jump so far out of the mat to get the same G force. Please take my quiz and I will help you pick based on your answers. 
The latest Cellerciser has the most even bouncing. You don't have to always monitor your feet and make sure that your feet are equal distance apart. On most rebounders, if one foot is in the middle of the mat and the other is on the side, the side foot will invert in. With the Cellerciser, the springs adjust to your weight and one side won't feel really firm while your foot in the middle might normally bottom out.
Heal to Toe
There is a correct way to bounce that makes the G force travel up the spine and force the one way valves in the lymph vessels to open and close. If the heal hits the mat and the toe pushes off too soon, the body feels two waves of force. Please, please let the G force from the heal absorb into the body before using the toe to push off. The bar is also the most helpful as the person can use the bar to barely bring the body above the mat. See the 2 pictures above. That is the best way I can show it without feeling what I am talking about.

If your feet are pronating, please don't do the health bounce. Usually springs that are not tiered or tapered can cause this. Know the difference between straight springs, barrel springs, and tapered springs. The latest springs have tiers in them with different tension levels. 

Tapered springs look like tiers and are NOT the same thing. Cellerciser is the only company that has triple tapered springs which are all now 106 grams springs each that I have personal weighed on a scale. Tapered springs are better than straight springs but do not feel like tiered springs like the Cellerciser.

If you have weak knees, please use a spring rebounder. If the body has to go out of the mat ad the feet pronate, this can also cause problems for people with weak knees. Just as the recoiling on a rebounder with lower weight, shorter springs can be too quick and give excessive ballistic impact, the slowed down recoiling can also be just as bad unless the tension can be adjusted either by a self adjusting spring or a bungee that you can change the tension, such as the Jumsport 370. The only sacrifice is that the mat is even smaller than the new Cellerciser

The recoil on a cheap rebounder can be much quicker than on a better built one and can cause an uneven bounce. ​There needs to be just enough recoil of the springs to allow the skin to stretch on the body so it can tighten and if there is too slow of recoil, not enough "pop" G force is created and if the springs are too straight and recoil too quickly, it can feel jarring. If the hips are thrown out of whack from too little or too quick recoil, it can end up with expensive trips to the physical therapist or the chiropractor. Too soft of a bounce can cause repetitive jarring, not because of the high G force which it doesn't have, because of the other issues such as inversion that it creates and the angles it creates when the mat sags too much to give more bounce when you have to jump higher out of the mat to get the same G force as models that let you barely come off the mat to do the "Health Bounce".
Uneven bouncing can put the hips out of alignment big time!
Doing the Health bounce and not jumping Heal to toe will severely diminish the benefits of rebounding. I cannot stress this enough. So many people have wasted years doing it the wrong way and have had little to no lymphatic drainage. Heal to toe before just after the deceleration is the time to push off with the toe or better yet, using the bar to push off.
Open from 8am till 10pm

Open from 8am till 10pm

Rebounders for weight loss

So if technique is important then what this means is that buying the right rebounder for helping with weight loss is 50% of the equation and the other 50% is technique while using it. Probably the best example is how one of the most popular brands of rebounder coined the term “health bounce” as a rebounding technique used to focus all the forces put on the body into flushing the lymphatic system optimally. 

The way this technique is performed is by pushing down on the heels to give an upward movement but not too much force so that the toes still remain on the mat. The only part of the foot that comes off the mat is the heels. When landing the heels receive 90% of the weight. The other key to this form is making sure the knees are almost unbent. Do not lock the knees but bend them just slightly. As you do this and are bouncing see if you can notice how you feel the forces of gravity more in your upper body and head with your knees less bent versus more bent and also when landing and rising on your heels versus toes. 

So in this technique it’s all about getting as many bounces in during a session to flush the lymphatic system. This technique became so popular that there was a rebounder company that created their equipment to efficiently use that specific movement. With that brand I do like the efficiency of how many bounces I can get per minute but sometimes I also like to use other movements as well over the course of a week so I have to use my other favorite rebounder brand as well.  

I’ll be honest I use even a third brand of rebounder for other more dynamic exercises that involve jumping very high off the mat. Some tell me they would love to do all the different movements I do but they are not going to spend all that money on three rebounders and is there just one that will do it all?! The answer is there is one brand that can support 80% of every type of movement. Some movements it is perfect on and others it’s pretty close to other brands that just specialize in those other movements. 

I talk about technique a lot and I personally am a fan of doing a variety of routines if the goal is weight loss. Why? Because with the exception of the health bounce type of movement I explained above, the body can adapt very quickly to different types of movements and if the goal is keeping the rate of fat loss high then a variety of movements will keep challenging the body. 

Let me give an example, some rebounders are much more challenging to maintain balance on. The body needs to work much harder to bounce on them and this can equate to more calories burned. Also some rebounders have the option of a bar. Sometimes this can be helpful for when a lot of movements and routines want to be performed on the rebounder. Some of the routines call for use of a bar in order to accomplish them. If one has a desire to work the body out then a bar will add new potential movements into the mix. Resistance bands also are an easy way to challenge the muscles more and incorporate bouncing and resistance onto the upper body. They can easily be placed under the rebounder regardless of the brand. 

Is weight a factor that can affect the results a rebounder can give?
Yes! I specifically warn people all the time that if they weight above a certain amount they should not consider certain brands unless they want to keep replacing certain parts on those rebounders. It can get expensive. This gets us back to the whole debate between when a person wants a rebounder with bungee resistance cords versus metal springs. Please see the Buying Based on Your Weight page on the site for more info on this. 

To put it simply some rebounders can generate more stress and forces on the body and this can lead to greater calories burned over time.

Many of my customers say that the Cellerciser makes them itch, some even said that it feels like mosquito bit them.

This is actually from those that are rebounding properly. When the itching starts the session should be stopped immediately. This itching is very common on spring rebounders when bouncing while barely coming off the mat. When the lymph system and blood circulation happens faster than the body can handle it. This is why they say to only go 2 minutes at a time. If bouncing with your toes first no one I over talked to has got that itchy feeling. The Cellerciser emails were the only ones that mentioned this itchiness. This is probably because their is more G force at the bounces without jumping high off the mat. If jumping high off the mat their will probably be no itching and therefore the hydraulic pump in the lymph vessels will not be created.

​Note: With rebounders that you have to jump higher out of the mat,
When the body is jumping and airborne more than the split second, such as on a bungee rebounder, being airborne for longer times stops the fluid from moving in the lymphatic system. It only takes a split second for new lymph to drain and the one way valves to push it through. Being in the air a long time like on a bungee cord rebounder is why we don't recommend the bungee rebounder for weight loss. If someone is going to use a bungee, the only one I recommend is the Jumpsport that you can put the highest tension on, not the models where you can't adjust the tension like on the earlier versions. It is possible to get the bounces per minute without leaving the mat but the g force will be much less so the lymph drainage that can be done on the right spring rebounder might take 3 times as long on the bungee.
A 20 minute rebounder session then would become a 60 minute session. Many people don't have the time to bounce for an hour or more twice a day.

The Reboundair and Needak also give a great health bounce to lose weight. The Reboundair gives more G force and more repetition but for those with bad backs or who are very heavy, the bounce feels a little flat. The Needak gives the softest bounce if just bouncing without leaving the mat but I find that you have to bounce a little higher out of the mat than the Cellerciser to get the same G force. The Needak is softer if you just want to bounce the same amplitude out of the mat a the Cellerciser but if comparing the same G force, at the same height, the Cellerciser is higher.

If doing cardio exercises, I do not recommend the Lymphaciser or Reboundair. They have the least amount of bounce. The Needak and the Cellerciser are the most responsive. The Cellerciser has the most even bouncing so if doing twists and high jumping where you land in different positions each time, its better to have a larger sweet spot so the tension is more even throughout the mat.

I like the bungee the most for doing toning exercises but for very quick cardio routines, the bungee because it has so much deceleration and your feet sink in too much out of the mat, the mat is not "springy" enough and not as responsive to do these dynamic cardio routines.

The Lymphaciser is probably the best rebounder for cardio as the mat is firm and as long as someone doesn't have a bad back. It is not the best for the Health bounce for very light people but if someone is mainly doing it for cardio and the Health bounce as a second priority, this is would be a number one pick.

Overall for weight loss on a rebounder, weather it be doing the Health bounce for draining the toxins out of the fat or doing cardio routines, my favorites are in this order:

Best: Cellerciser
2nd: Lymphaciser
3rd: Needak

These picks are with the Health Bounce as a 2nd priority and for weight loss as a number one priority as burning calories.

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