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When I would recommend this rebounder
Increasing Circulation (definitely let's you do the Health Bounce without much effort)
Increasing aerobic capacity (has great responsiveness with the soft bounce it is known for)
Headache prone individuals (the softness is good for those that get migraines really easily) No jolting that causes headaches.

This is a great rebounder for doing the Health Bounce but it is one of the softest out there but you DO pay for that luxury by replacing their springs every 1 to 2 years. (I do offer extra spring sets at my special price as long as it is shipped at the same time as the rebounder. This rebounder is one of the top 3 rebounders that I have tested for doing the Health Bounce and is one of the rebounders I have used for many years. I recommend this rebounder for those who want to spend under $300 dollars. 

For those focused on getting a good workout with a primary focus on lymphatic movement I recommend this rebounder. When you get it, do the Health Bounce to make sure you get 100 bounces per minute. They do have a firmer rebounder for those that can't get the Health Bounce right on the softer one. I rarely get returns on this rebounder for reasons that people can't do the Health Bounce. If you are heavier, the hard bounce model will give you the Health Bounce. Let me know your weight if you need help choosing. If you are a certain weight, and you are too light for the firmer one and too heavy for the softer one, take into consideration that soon you will probably be circulating the lymph and your weight will change.

The latest Needak Rebounder we sell is not the older rebounder shown in the videos.

The rebounder tested in the videos was the late 2006 Needak Rebounder. There are new results for the latest model.

The crossover spring has now been discontinued in the older model based on the frame hole pattern.

Mat Cleat
Their mat cleat no longer has the "bullhorn" cleat. The bullhorn cleat was not an issue with safety but one of their competitors knocked them so bad that they had to change their cleat. It's a shame that people can advertise the "Needak" trade mark name and pay for their key word name and bait and switch people to a different inferior brand. The latest model has the modifications to this jump mat and it is improved over the older model.

Needak Springs: The new springs give the spring even flex under stress as you jump. Each spring fatigues at the same rate with new modifications to increase the useful life of the spring. The new springs are designed for a "soft bounce" for 18 to 24 months until the spring gives out depending on the tension load. Lighter people can will get more longevity out of the spring. If you want the softest bounce of all rebounder springs, you will have to change the springs every 2 years. This is just one of the sacrifices. Unless you don't want to change springs EVER, you will have pay more for the springs but the carbon alloy ratio is higher which can lead to a slightly firmer bounce. Let me know if you prefer a softer or harder bounce.

When choosing a spring, you can't just take into consideration that you NEVER want to change a spring. There are 3 factors which are stability, longevity, and type of bounce. The latest Needak has a great bounce, high stability, but does have a medium longevity. It's longer than the cheapos out there but you will have to change the spring every 2 years if you want that plushness feel that the Needak springs are known for. So far, no one knows what the ratio of the metals used in their spring. All we know is that they have just enough of the high carbon steel in order to allow the springs to be useful for 2 years with their patented soft bounce mixture or whatever they use. I will say that their bounce is very unique and so different than any other bounce on the market. Also, their springs have no aluminum in them.

I do like how they have a customized carbon alloy spring for those that want a soft bounce for lymph movement and a spring for a hard bounce that is for more workout out (jogging and doing step-aerobics type exercise. Most people get their soft bounce model. For those that are heavy and need more high carbon steel in their springs, they can get a soft bounce with the hard bounce springs. For those over 200 pounds I would recommend the hard bounce springs.
The Needak Rebounder has a very unique bounce. What sets this rebounder apart from every other rebounder is that it has a soft bounce with 3.5 inch standard springs that let's you do the Health Bounce and get the maximum bounces per minute while being responsive. You do have to change springs every year or two to get this incredible responsiveness that you usually only get this type of softness in the rebounders that have too much deceleration
that have longer springs that give nearly half the bounces per minute.

Over the years of selling this rebounder, the only sacrifice to get this type of soft bounce quality WITH THE MAXIMUM BOUNCES PER MINUTE in standard spring is to have a type of alloy spring that is more elastic.
Changing the springs every 2 years is not a bad thing. Just like changing tires on a car and changing the oil,for the people who want maximum softness without having to sacrifice less bounces per minute, you have to maintain the springs

This rebounder utilizes the FULL, ENTIRE coils of its springs to give the soft bounce. Many others don't need changing because they are so stiff and made to last so long that they sacrifice ballistic impact and never utilize the entire spring. 

BECAUSE the whole spring is used in a bounce, it's the softest you can get. YOU WANT PERFORMANCE, YOU PAY THE PRICE. Unless you want to get a rebounder that only uses only a partial spring that might just never need replacing, consider if you want to pay for the maintenance of the springs. If anyone tells you it's a flaw that you have to change springs every year, beware. You want to move lymph with a soft, un-jarring bounce, you pay the price.
Are Needak springs squeaky like a mouse!
Noise is a major factor! The springs, since they have a very stretchable alloy, doesn't sound as harsh as other springs. When properly oiled, these springs are one of the quietest of all the springs we have tested.

This has been an issue with rebounders since the beginning of rebounding. As the years have passed, customers have been less willing to accept noise. The older Needak was noisy as you can see in the video demonstration. The latest Needak has now been modified its frame drill hole pattern and redesigned its clevis pin to help reduce pin movement which was a source of noise in the past. The current design and specs of their spring have also reduced noise. Another source of noise is friction. Their springs are now coated with a noise reducing finish which can last up to 3 months per application. In conjunction, they also supply a synthetic spring lubricant which eliminates noise for up to 6 months per application.  
Spring cover (with foam rubber undercover backing)

Perhaps the greatest confusion is over the material the spring cover is made from. For many years people wanted a vinyl spring cover with foam backing. It gave the illusion of substance and quality. However over the course of a year or we found that the foam decomposed and abraded on the springs leaving foam pieces under the rebounder. In addition, the compounds which allow vinyl fabrics to bend and flex, break down and the vinyl falls apart. Needak does not use the cheap unregulated PVC sprayed nylon mats that outgas noxious fumes into our homes. Every wondered what that New Car Smell is? You don't get this with the latest Needak. Of course you don't want to keep it in direct sunlight.

Needak now has powder coated paint. They now do not use sprayed on paint that chips. Powder coated paint is chip resistant and won't flake and kids and pets won't accidentally eat it. The paint used is lead free and inert and can be put in landfills without issues. The rubber feet on the latest Needak also uses synthetic rubber feet that do not mark up floors.

Now the latest Needak, after all the engineering and new upgraded components, it is now taking the lead in the top 3 rebounders. Now the consumer will have a tougher decision to make when choosing one over the other.
The springs are nicer than some and have a triple-tiered look.
Among the field, with openness to a change of heart, I'm finding this guy placing firmly midpack.
The mat deforms under weight in a predictable manner and the springs remain reasonably intuitive
even under maximum load and at 130lbs, I have to have a lot of zeal and headroom to bottom it out.
The Needak is made in the USA and is one of our top requested rebounders.
You will not see any part of the Needak® Rebounder made anywhere but inside the USA. 
They have in house quality control standards for their rebounders. To make it fair...we advise people to buy based
on components. If a rebounder spring is aluminum and made in the USA, does that mean it is better than
a 100% high carbon nickel spring made outside the USA?
The Needak® is my favorite soft bounce spring based rebounder. The springs are barrel shaped and have a
similar look to the triple tiered springs. The bounce is soft and does not jar you like the other single tiered springs
that I have tried. This rebounder gives a great bounce for those that are concerned with jarring.

If you are going to chose this rebounder you might want to know if your ankles tend to pronate or invert. This is a
slightly more noisier rebounder but not noisy enough to not buy it. Just make sure you oil it regularl
This rebounder will kept me in the center so I didn't fall off since the outer edges were firmer than the center of the mat.If jumping for lymphatic movement doing the Health Bounce there is no problem.

The Needak® is 40 inches in diameter and rests 10 inches off the ground. This contender weighs in at 25 lbs. and can
hold up to 300 pounds safely. 

This does have the Permatron mat that is the best on the market that the best rebounders on the
market have. The legs also DO have rubber feet and not polymar which you might want to put a few
napkins under each foot if you are going to put it on your carpet or tiles that you don't want to rub and
make a stain. The frame is made of steel and is much sturdier than other plastic models.  I highly recommend 
this rebounder for those who want to get the softest bounce out of a spring rebounder.
Hard Bounce Rebounder
I would recommend this rebounder for
Health Bounce for those near 300 pounds
Weight Loading (Using weights or dumbbells that make the total weight over 300 pounds)
The most intense workout
Leg Workouts
Ab Workouts

Those that are doing weight loading exercises or are over 300 pounds have found this rebounder to be the one that doesn't bottom out. It will give the Health bounce for those that are near 300 pounds or who are weight loading to 300 pounds. Many athletes use this who are doing sprinting exercises who need super responsiveness. This is a rebounder for those who have been rebounding for a long time who want to take rebounding to the next level. This is not a beginner rebounder. Those with lower bone density issues will want to look at their softer bounce rebounder. Those that have high bone density should have no problem with this rebounder. you can get 120 bounces per minute with this rebounder if you are in the right weight class. If you look at boxers, they jump rope and get about 2 jumps per second (120 per minute) on the hard floor. Most boxers are very fit and they get hit in the head during fights. Ever wonder why they don't get hurt so much? BONE DENSITY. Those high pounding exercises builds up bone density in their body and their skull. The martial art sport is known for lymphatic exercise.

Needak is a registered trademark and Soft-Bounce is a trademark of Needak Manufacturing, O'Neill, NE. Our comparisons are based on the rebounders we have bought and have experience with and our results are accurate
to the best of our knowledge from our experience from our personal observations and research. This page and our website is for informational purposes only.

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The material is not Naugahyde and this is what it looks like on an older model I just got in. Also, I have never seen springs rust like this. My rebounder that I left outdoors for an entire winter did not rust. I strongly recommend coated steel springs so to avoid rust.
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​For anyone doing toning or doesn't want to use the bar, I use the handle cords that are elastic. These keep me centered in the mat. I also hook them into the front so it holds me forward even more. I get an upper body workout with these. I also have red and green cords (see the side of the picture on the right). The higher tensile strength cords give a really tough workout. For those that prefer to get an upper body workout instead of holding onto a bar, these are what I use. To get more bounces per minute I do not use the bar wit this rebounder. It has a deeper bounce. I use these straps with metal hooks that I hook into the mat. I get a better Health bounce with these than without them. Using cords like this changes the entire rebounding experience.
close up picture of the steel hooks that clip onto the hook on the mat. Having these hooks also increase the bounces per minute when doing the Health Bounce.