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I would recommend this rebounder for:
Gyms and aerobic studios
Those looking to get an aerobic workout
Exercise only ~ not the greatest for lymphatic flush

This is a great rebounder for those who are doing strength building exercises. It is too firm to do the Health Bounce and is jarring for most weight classes. It was OK for doing jogging type exercise but not leaving the mat with both feet. The ballistic impact is too high to do the Health Bounce. Doing the sitting bounce on this rebounder is great as it is very responsive and can build up your abs really quick. You get a lot of reps per minute but not the long type of the softer springs. This rebounder does not invert the ankle as much since the mat is smaller and creates a lower angle of its cone shape but the higher ballistic impact balances this out and makes this rebounder suitable for a smaller selection of people.
The typical rebounder a grade above a sporting good store:
I have to really mind my ankles if I wanna work tonight (on my feet, running around in a restaurant for at least 5 hours). brother of Needak built on-- essentially--the same bi-fold frame, its componentry fails it in the end. 

Definitely not for delicate physical conditions or rebounding with roommates, the Urban sounds the rickety-rack alarm when it wears its ill-fitting balance bar. Whenever fitted, the balance bar is intended to assist in more bounces per minute, help keep you stable, and in this case, it seems, to wake your neighbors.  
The impression is overall flimsy, shimmying with all but the most perfectly vertical bounce, which requires some concentration, as the mat is unpredictable and could have uncertain radial bias from bounce to bounce. If you like to get a little crazy sometimes, like me, you might hurt yourself on this one; choose a more solidly built rebounder instead.

I can bottom this out, which is not only bad news about the semi-tapered springs, but bad news for my ankles, knees, hips, and spine. Also, when I'm less than amply hydrated, it feels like my brain is bouncing around in my head.

Keep your eyes on the mat's edges for sure, watch out for fraying before it becomes a dangerous problem.

It will do in a pinch, as its hinge-chewed spring skirting attests.
The hinges were similar to the other hinges that look like this but the frame weighed much less.
We pro-rated the size of the frame since the frame is smaller but the ratio was still lower.
This rebounder is the smallest of the rebounders we tested. The next size up is the 39 inch and then
the 44 inch models.
The tear is from normal usage. On some rebounders, you can take the cover from a higher quality rebounder
and put it on a cheaper model as long as they have the same size frame.
These hooks do not have the little hook covers like the more expensive ones. I recommend always carrying 
a screw driver with you and put it in the case just so that if the spring falls off during travel you
can pop it back in. Sometimes, the springs come out little by little and one day they slip out.
The legs are good because they do adjust to the ground which prevents the rebounder from wobbling.
These little yellow things keep falling off. Most people that return rebounders often have the hook caps 
missing and I have a few laying around sometimes if someone needs them. I do not guarantee my
demos or returns will have these yellow things.
Buy this rebounder if you want a great cardio workout. 
I have no problem with this. Jog on it, run on it, keep your feet spread apart that is comfortable for you and you should not have the problems of inversion as the mat is much smaller and doesn't "cone in" or invert your ankles if used correctly. For working out, this is the most popular rebounder IN THE WORLD. Almost all the gyms around the world have this rebounder and they keep re ordering and no one seems to have problems except those that email me that are interested in the Health Bounce. People use a treadmill or an elliptical and are not trying to get 3 g forces. The same people should be happy with this rebounder. If you buy it knowing what it is used for, you will probably be happy like millions of others that have bought it. 

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Disclaimer & Disclaimers: (Disclaimer) This page and all other pages are only my opinion and not factual. Please do not believe anything on this page as fact. This info is only based on my research and opinions that don't mean much.
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