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The 39 inch bungee and the 44 inch bungee. The bungee is Bellicon's flagship model. This is the most expensive rebounder on the market. The 49 inch is now out which allows for the highest G force for super stubborn lymphatic systems that need a more deeper bounce where the amount of time of the deceleration to the stopping point is exaggerated. The point from the bottom of the bounce to the point where you leave the mat is about 3 times as long as any spring rebounder but their is less bounces per minute but the deep flushing power of the extended G force time the one way valves in the lymphatic system open and close makes up for it.

Note: The lymph system can either be pumped by more repetition or less bounces per minute with longer flushes that the bungee offers. The 39 inch gives more bounces per minute but a shorter flush per bounce. The 44 inch is somewhat in the middle. The 49 inch, in my opinion is the best one if getting the right tension of cord to get the perfect timing of the acceleration and deceleration. The strength of the cord determine how many teaspoons of lymph I will flush per minute.

NOtice: If buying the wrong tension it can feel to flat and if too tense for my weight it can feel too tight. Having just the right amount of free bounces per bounce with enough G force is when the right cord tension is chosen.

I always count the number of bounces I get on a rebounder per minute with barely leaving the mat. With different cord strengths (tensile strengths), different G forces and number of bounces I get with each strength. Some people think they should get the Ultra strength with the lowest yield. Some people are so toxic that they end up wanting the lower tensile strength bungee cords so they can get their cardio but with moving the same amount of lymph fluid but over a longer session. Some just want to move 3 teaspoons of lymph per minute in a 10 minutes session in the morning and 10 at night and some want to jump for an hour while watching their show and get a medium strength cord that moves less lymph per bounce.

Note: some people are't taking a probiotic and have a hard time procession all the wastes that are pumping into the lymphatic system from the fat that has been storing the toxins all these years. Many people aren't sweating and the toxins only can get eliminated though the gut. Some people will get more results only if their probiotic is not aggressive enough while others can go to Whole foods and buy a probiotic there. Some people tell me they started detoxing better after they did a liver flush (note: after all, the liver helps process most this waste also).

When I build this site when I had my first Bellicon, they did not have the ultra tension cords out. Many people cannot process the amount of toxins as they are just doing the Health Bounce with sweating. Different cord tension will allow for the body to work harder and different cord tensile strengths allow for more or less free bounces. The more free bounces without trying to use more muscles to get those bounces makes it easier to workout.

When you get a bungee, you will have the option of getting bungees that are suitable for your weight. Bellicon offers softer cords as well as strong and extra strong cords but make sure you get just the right cords. The bungee rebounder is the softest rebounder in the world with the least amount of jarring of any rebounder. This rebounder gives the most lift in the air of all rebounders and gives more room for the landing (a few more inches) so that you gently land on the mat with the least amount of impact. 
These rebounders can carry to 350 pounds. I think the 39 inch rebounder gives a better Health bounce than the 44 inch but the 44 inch models have more room and can take me a little longer. The 49 inch with the ultra strength gives me about the same free bounces as the 39 inch with the strong tensile.
The bungee rebounder is especially recommended for individuals who suffer from severe back problems. 

This is the Bellicon's spring version rebounder. This is the Athletic rebounder that has 48 springs. Most rebounders have 32 springs.
This rebounder is for those that are over 200 pounds. This rebounder is for those that are ONLY over 200 pounds. But, if you want the best for your weight this is the one to get. If you lose weight and go under 200 then you can trade this back in to us and we can sell you one of their models that is suitable for your weight. 

This rebounder does NOT FOLD. The Bellicon Athletic is the Rolls Royce for jumping when you want to customize your rebounder to the weight of the person. (note, I have been told they aren't going to be producing  this rebounder anymore. At this time this rebounder beats every spring rebounder that I have used. It looks very similar to the RH48 Lymphaciser® that is not sold in the USA yet. It is only sold in New Zealand.

This rebounder does have a high grade Permatron mat and the springs will NOT need to be replaced every 2 years as long as you take care of the rebounder and not jump high. (see the Bellicon spring rebounder in my videos). The springs are double conical shaped (not barrel or triple tiered) This rebounder barely makes any noise when bouncing on it. This rebounder gives the highest bounce frequency of any rebounder. You get more bounces per minute with smaller amplitude jumps. The cardiovascular demands are the highest when bouncing on this rebounder.
It is a tough decision to make when deciding on their bungee and their spring model.
Review of the Bellicon rebounder:
This one gets me in trouble. I am actually late for class/work because of this thing.  
The bungee shares some of the same engineering hallmarks as the spring suspension model: a light, unit chassis(althought this one feels lighter) and threaded legs. This one sits higher--almost to my knee to accomodate the extra depth of a bungee bounce, and Weeeee do you wanna use it! When trying my best to bottom this out, using the heel of one foot and a lot of force(I was trying to show my friend that i could), it sent me higher that I've ever been! So high I thought that I was headed for the concrete!
If I had been in the garage, there would have been head injuries for sure.

After(finally) getting off this thing, I thought "jeez, why would anyone want to use the 'old-fashioned' type?".
Well, it can get you in trouble, like screaming weeeuuaaaaaahhhh! in the middle of the night, but it also is more playful than targeting cellular health. The benefits are there, but it requires extra focus, especially staying centered.

Aside from the Six Flags fun and maniacal giggles, the bungee offers a definite benefit to anyone with delicate or injured knees or back. No spring can match the damping effects of the elastic cords; think mechanical response versus organic reciprocity. Vertical impact damping on this model makes the crucial benefits of rebounding accessible to those with a wide range of physical issues, however, because it compromises a uniformly even bounce, you may spend some energy, or give up some stability trying to center the pendulum. If thats the case, order it with a balance bar.
There part of me that appreciates slick engineering and overwrought details lusts after this bad boy.

Bellicon brings the smackdown when it comes to engineering. The premium Permatron mat is constructed to standards that recall the precision of a Swiss watch mechanism; the consistency pays of with a firm, even bounce even as you bounce toward the rainbow border.

I weigh approximately 130lbs and bouncing on the 180+ model, I don't feel out of place. The springs, despite their high tensile integrity, give a worthwhile bounce below their intended range. A unitized chassis provides the most rigid platform available for these primo components, Down to the choice threaded leg assembly.

The whole package is just dripping with fancy bits. Whew. Rebounder bling includes white, no-scuff feet, a rainbow mat perimeter, leather-look badging on that rainbow road and a nice, lightly padded spring cover with no hinges to get caught up in. Give me the lower weight-class Rebound Dynamic and I could bounce all day, but...

It does feel more like a workout, more like work.
To get my bounce on, the Athletic says "give it to me harder!", so unless you're in the mood to do it to it, this may not give back what you expect. If it's Bungee brother is a ballroom dance partner, this one's the mosh pit.

The benefits are all there! You'll move more oxygen, blood and sweat. The tradeoff to this may be that you're more quickly fatigued. So if you're trying to get your rebounding in, say, while watching a favorite hour-long program, you might be off and on the couch by 15 minutes.

It's not the best traveler, but its sexy enough to carry at your side, but threading and unthreading the legs takes a minute.
I recommend this rebounder for:
Those who want a silent rebounder. (unless you sweat a lot on the cords, they are silent)
Those who can't sit still while watching TV or on the phone.
Headache prone individuals (this has the least ballistic impact of all rebounders, just make sure it's not too soft. You do need "some" resistance for lymphatic movement. Go for the firmer bungees so you don't just bounce without resistance.

Those who want a silent rebounder. (unless you sweat a lot on the cords, they are silent)
Those who can't sit still while watching TV or on the phone.
Headache prone individuals (this has the least ballistic impact of all rebounders, just make sure it's not too soft. You do need "some" resistance for lymphatic movement. Go for the firmer bungees if your weight requires more resistance.
Are you ready to get a bungee?

I won't go into the Health Bounce but if you are very light weight, 130 and under or are above 180, at 180 and up the efficiency rating goes down significantly with lower yield strength cords. If you are 180 and think its hard to get 3 g forces with even close to as many bounces you can get on a spring rebounder from the original designer, which sets the bar for the Health Bounce, try holding a 30 pound weight and see how many bounces you get in order to find that 3 g force. The more someone weighs, the higher they have to jump to get that. The acceleration and deceleration is just as good as the energy you are willing to put into it. You do get more "free" bounces with the bungee than any other spring model. Momentum and force is stored in the bungees even if you stop trying to bounce. A spring rebounder can stop you in a fraction of these bounces. The 3 g force range is iffy. It is very important to get the right tensile strength.

Unless you get the bungee cords exactly right for your weight, you will have to tweak it to get in the 3 g force range at the right amount of bounces so you don't waste all day being airborne. It is possible to get 3 g forces with extra strong or ultra bands. You can always jump near the edge with your legs spread apart more as the edges are more firm than the sweet spot in the middle.  If you need helping choosing which bungee is best for you, I will try to help. 

Also, choosing a smaller mat or a very large mat plays a role. The smaller the mat, the less "coning" or inversion of the ankles but there are pros and cons of having a very large and a very small mat. To get the Health Bounce, the smallest size is probably preferred without knowing your weight class.

The smallest bungee is the best bungee is the one that I have tested that is the best for solving the problems of inversion and pronation especially with ultra tension cords. If you want bungee quality bounce with the right amount of g force, I have heard nothing but happy stories with people who bought the extra strong bands or the ultras. This helps prevent the "coning" of the mat. If you want a bungee, please read over this page to see if this rebounder is for you. Getting the right size with just the right tension will only provide the best bounce depending on how long someone wants to bounce per session to get the desired lymph flow. If the body can only process so much lymph waste during a session and someone can't process 4 teaspoons of lymph per minute, this makes a difference in the cord strength. Many people just want to move as much lymph as possible per session and have no idea what they are doing. Most people focus on the Health bounce and are not sweating during their sessions and some do cardio along with the health bounce and sweat. Some people no matter what I tell them continue to bounce either with their toes first as if they were jumping rope and others land on their heals first and then push off with their toes. For bone density, a lot of people called me and said they have noticed nothing helpful with their bone density issues. I ask them how they jump. They get on the rebounder and I ask how they are landing. Is it toes first or heal first. Every time its toes first. Exactly.
It is not instinctive to land on the heal first to absorb the G force though the bones. I have watched 100s of people get on this rebounder for the first time and never once in all these years has any person landed with their heals first. It is not a natural response. 

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1. Are your ankles weak, and do you possibly have trouble with pronation (cocking-inward)?

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5. Are you concerned with your weight?

6. Do you suffer from back pain?

7. Are you sensitive to chemical and plastic leaching (vapors extracted by heat from synthetic materials)?

8. Are you interested in rebounding to improve your health (lymph workouts)?

9. Are you interested in rebounding as a low-effort form of fat burning or cardio exercise?

10. Do you find repeated jarring motion traumatic in my situation?

11. How much do you weigh?

12. Is noise level an issue where you plan to rebound?

13. Where do you plan to keep your rebounder?

14. Do you plan to move your rebounder from place to place?

15. Is fun an important factor in your rebounding activities?

16. If you're going to sweat a lot on the rebounder, how do you prefer to clean it?

17. Which grade of rebounder do you want?

18. Which rebounder are you most interested in?
If other, which one?
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Contact me for demo models or rebounders people return when they want to get a larger or smaller size. Let me know what state you are in so if you are in the same state as one of the demos you can pick it up. I always recommend getting new bungee cords when getting a used model.

When one of the bungee cords gets worn, I replace the entire set, not just the one cord that gets worn down. If I put on a fresh new cord it will be at a higher tensile strength and the cord will have less yield and will feel uneven I strongly recommend getting an extra set at the same time you get a bungee because first you can save on the shipping as the bands can be thrown in with the rebounder. And, its not fun to wait to get new bands shipped when one of the bands breaks.
See the New Bungee Rebounder Review site - Only bungee rebounders are reviewed.

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