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Editors choice for Health Bounce, Cardio bounce. Has a low/medium bounce and enough bounce for an all around rebounder. Lowest return rate of every rebounder I have ever sold.
New Lymphaciser
Editors choice for Health Bounce and low bouncing. Gives most bounces per minute with the least jarring of any rebounder. This is the best selling rebounder for lymphatic purposes only.
New JumpSport 370 Bungee Rebounder
Editors choice for those that want a bungee but want to do it for the Health Bounce. Smaller mat allows for higher G force and closer to the mat bouncing allowing for more bounces per minute.

We now rate the Jumpsport 370 as the best bungee rebounder for lymphatic rebounding.
New Rebounder Comparison Results
This is my results after comparing every rebounder on the market for the last 10 years and following up with my customers I have sold rebounders to.

I have reviewed nearly every rebounder on the market. I have chose the Cellerciser Pro, Lymphaciser and the Jumpsport 370 for the bungee. I have tested every spring model, including even super rare ones such as the Lympholine and Pacer Mat. I have tested every bungee type, including the latest hexagon bungee rebounders. I promote these for lymphatic purposes and each must meet my prerequisites for the Health Bounce, with acceptable bounces per minute and adequate G force to pump the one way valves in the lymphatic vessels. I have found that the smaller the mat the more responsive the rebounder is. The Jumpsport, for example, has a small mat and is the only one I approve of for doing the Health Bounce in a Bungee rebounder.

Prerequisite #1
​Each rebounder on the market has a different weight limit even though some say they will hold 350 lbs. Sure, they all can hold a lot of weight but the problem is that people have bitched when the springs don't actually break but the IT (initial tension is gone). This is why the ones that people call me up and say they need to change springs after 2 years even though the rebounder is still under warranty, the manufactures won't give free springs. The New Cellerciser is the only one that I have never had to replace a spring. I have had my Cellerciser since 2007 and it sat out in the hot sun and entire summer and got snowed on and rained on for an entire winter and works just as good and no rust due to its electrically statically applied coating and double coated springs. It makes me sick that people are sold rebounders when the dealer knows the springs are gonna stretch out in a year with a heavy person. I can honestly sell a Cellerciser to a heavier person and know its gonna last.

Any spring that is at least 100 grams per spring will have enough tensile strength and Gauge that the hooks will not snap off with users over 200 lbs. Low grade springs collide into the tube of the frame and all the tension is in the hook. This is the Biggest complaint after 2 years is spring hook damage.

Prerequisite #2
The Gauge of the frame bust have at least 13 Gauge. The heavier the rebounder the higher the gauge is, typically. The rebounders that are 18 gauge, the cheapy ones, are the weakest ones. 11 Gauge is the best one. Having a stable base is good if the bar is no being used as the rebounder feels more grounded with the higher gauge frames. I still recommend a bar for regular rebounding. Everyone i talked to that uses the bar say they will never use one without it. But if a person never used the bar, they can't complain. You can't miss it if you never experienced it. I close my eyes, hold on the to the bar with Enya or some relaxing music and relaxes me just before bed.

​Know the sweet spot. Just because the mat is bigger doesn't mean the rebounder has a larger jumping area. The larger ones tend to cone in the entire way making a person have to spread their feet equal distance apart to balance the inversion. Any mat over 28 inches usually has this problem. The Lymphaciser and the latest Cellerciser have very even bouncing. The Cellerciser has the biggest sweat spot of any rebounder I have tested due to its triple tiered springs. You can jump anywhere on the mat and gives a stable bounce without throwing you to the center like the standard tapered spring.

Prerequisite #3
All mats must be made of Permatron (there are two types with one being the porous type that lets more air flow for higher bounding and the other type that is laminated (put through a calendaring process) that melts the fibers so they will be run resistant so that if their is a tear after years of use the fabric won't start tearing apart. Most of the cheaper mats can get burn holes that eventually rip. I have heard of some people bouncing right though the mat and hitting the ground but rare.

Prerequisite # 4
Springs must be galvanized and tapered for all around bouncing. The Lymphaciser is not tapered but I sell it for lymphatic purposes mainly. Since it does not have the tapered or tiered springs at the end, it is not designed for high bouncing for strength training but just very close to the mat high repetition bouncing. The new Cellerciser has 3 tiers, not just dual tier that most of the high end rebounders that compete with it have. Most springs with more coils would stretch out too much and weaken the G force of the bounce but the different tiers only engage when they need to support extra weight. Just doing low height Health Bouncing won't even engage the third tiers like doing higher bounces. Normally, just 1/2 an inch of extra spring length can make the mat feel saggy. Ask the manufacture how much their initial spring tension is reduced each year (stretching). The Cellerciser has such high IT to start with in the 2nd and 3rd tier that even if the belly of the spring stretches out the 2nd tier compensates for it.

Prerequisite # 5
Bungee Rebounding - Having control
A lot of people ask me which bungee rebounder has the largest sweet spot. They first thing that the bigger mat will be better or more responsive. The strange thing is with the bungee is the same size cords are on the bigger bungee rebounders as the smaller ones. With the Center of the mat being closer to the bungee cords the tension is more even and has a more predictable bounce. Most people that tried all the bungees when I laid them all out on the tennis court preferred the smaller Jumpsport models. The larger ones gave higher bounces but that is not the purpose of rebounding, especially for the Health Bounce. Jumping on the edges of the larger ones is much firmer than the center compared to a smaller one that it more controllable since the mat has more even tension. If not getting the bar, I would definitely get a smaller one. It is very hard to keep balance on the larger ones compared to a smaller bungee rebounder when watching TV unless having the bar. When doing the Health Bounce landing on the heel and pushing off with the toes is the correct way to do it. Having a large bungee rebounder weakens the G force when landing on my heel so this is the main reason I chose the Jumpsport for lymphatic purposes.

Prerequisite # 6
Hook Damage
This is very common in rebounders with punched out or drilled in holes in the frame for spring attachment. This cause the spring hook to rub directly into the frame where the frame warps out of shape making that initial hole out of shape. The spring hooks on most springs that are under 100 grams each can snap off if the person lands really hard next to the edge of the mat. The new Cellerciser has a special spring system that the hook is not directly hooked into the frame which is the exception and the hooks are so strong that I have never had a hook break off. The Lymphaciser has offset suspension meaning that the springs are not directly hooked into the frame sotheir are no collisions between the hooks and the frames. The higher end frames such as the Lymphaciser has a corrugated welded in metal rod system that attaches the springs. This adds more weight also to the frame making it have a more stable feel when I jump. The only in frame suspension that I like is the Cellerciser suspension system. It is much different than any other spring rebounder. Their are metal pieces that hook in to the 36 holes in the frame and the springs hook onto to those pieces directly. The springs that hook into the frame directly are the squeaky type. The holes drilled into the will not rust and get loud like most rebounders as their holes rust.

Prerequisite # 7
Vibration of the rebounder must be kept to a minimum. The rebounders that are lighter can vibrate with every bounce. When jumping and you are airborne for that short time, the light weight frame makes a vibrating noise since the mat bounces back. A heavy frame like the Cellerciser is heavy enough to stay super quiet. The Lymphaciser and the Jumpsport also don't have this problem. The larger mats have that deeper noise that can become very annoying. Sure, the cords are silent but as the initial tension of the bungees goes away, it can get louder. The cellerciser springs don't vibrate the rebounder as they have special pins in the holes of the frame that absorb the vibration along with its 106 gram spring. The Lymphaciser springs hooked into the welded in rod and have no holes in the frame.

Prerequisite # 8
I try to get the least gravitational pull to the center. If a heavy person is bouncing, their is more pull to the center. I always factor in the weight of the person and the size of the mat to determine the quality of the bounce before selling a rebounder to some one. A lot of heavy people want the large size bungees and don't realize their weight will just bring them quicker to the center. It is hard to always keep your feet equal distance apart on the larger bungees as their is always pull to the center and is harder to control when bouncing higher. Its not always predictable where I am going to land. Some pull to the center is fine but too much is when inversion of the mat kicks in and even though a bungee can be soft it can invert my ankles and not good. This is another reason I chose the Jumpsport as my bungee rebounder of choice. For very lightweight users, the larger bungee mats can be better. I have been documenting with mental notes on every time I hear feedback on the bungees. I have had enough feedback with different people that with most heavier users and those with knee problems, especially, the inversion problem is the biggest issue. For the Health Bounce, I would only use the Jumport models. I also get less free bounces with the Jumpsport and use less momentum than using the larger mats. I have interviewed many rebounding enthusiasts and even though spring models are preferred by most health professionals, most agree with me that the smaller mat is better for doing the Health Bounce. It is obvious when I jump on them but most people just don't get it until they feel both which can't always happen. Most of the calorie burning and fluid movement is done through high repetition and close to the mat bouncing. The smaller the mat, the closer I can stay to the mat.

Prerequisite # 9
For the technical people
Find out the tensile strength of the springs so they won't stretch out and lose their G force within 2 years. The springs that have high initial tension but lose it in about 2 years are much cheaper to buy. The latest Cellerciser springs cost me about 3 times the price as most replacement springs. I have never had to sell a replacement Cellerciser spring. People once in a while say that they lost a spring when a spring came off when it was folded but then I ask them if they still have the 2 extra springs it came with in a little packet. Then they find it somewhere in the attic and sure enough, they have them.

The yield strength of a strong rebounder must have a TENSILE STRENGTH of at least 55,000 PSI and also have a YIELD STRENGTH of at least 50,000 PSI. The closer together this number the less rigid it will be. It is hard to know the true tensile strength but if the rebounder has 100% American steel and not mixed with imported steel, there is more reassurance that the quality is there. I even have looked at the raw steel before it has been coated or treated. The 100% US steel is smooth while the cheap galvanized steel looks marbleized and is often found on the cheaper models. Some springs are zinc coated to keep the spring from rusting. Others are galvanized. If you study rebounders like me, you will notice some springs are shiny while others are not. Most of the problems I hear are from the chrome springs. With a spring that loses its IT too quickly, you don't just have to replace that one spring but every spring because the springs next to that spring will now start carrying the resistance of the weaker springs and the bounce will feel like crap. The Cellerciser also uses music wire, the wire found in pianos and retains its initial tension the longest.

Prerequisite # 10
Stitching and treading complaints and issues
The problem with some of the rebounders is that the treading gets loose and the rebounder mat falls apart. The constant abrasion is the main cause. Most of the rebounders in the past used Nylon threading and some of the companies still use it. Nylon threading used to be the one to get back in the days as it held up longer. Now, companies use polyester threads. Its much more abrasion resistant and UV resistant when in the sun. Sweat doesn't break down the fibers like the old threading either. The new Cellerciser does not use Nylon threading.

Final thoughts:
Most complained about rebounders are use low carbon steel. Their mats are not made of Permatron and the hooks go directly into the frame.
Their covers are not dense at all and they usually don't have naugahyde (boxing glove material). Their are fewer rows of stitching and don't have polyester threading. Their frame is also light weight and has low gauge steel. The springs are usually under 100 grams each per spring and lose their initial tension sooner than later. Also some rebounders smell like a tire factory when taking them out of the box. The Cellerciser is the only Chemical free smelling rebounder I have found right out of the box.

An experienced rebounder dealer should know the questions to ask you to help you pick out the right rebounder. The 3 rebounders I have picked out as my best in each class are great but each person will prefer one over the other. Most often the spring rebounder is recommended but the bungee in certain circumstances. With knee or back problems I would never ever recommend a bungee although most question that the bounce softer and think it would be softer on the back which is the opposite.

When choosing a spring rebounder, I will recommend a Lymphaciser or the Cellerciser. I recommend one or the other based on the person using it. If someone wants a bungee, I strongly recommend the Jumpsport and will recommend a bungee rebounder if I think it is suitable.

I have experienced every single rebounder on the market including Needak, ReboundAir, Bellicon, Lymphaciser, Pacer Mat, Freedom Spring, Hexagonal bungees, Urban, every one from Sporting Authority and Dicks and feel I am competent enough to speak intelligently in making a recommendation.

Who is going to like the Jumpsport bungee rebounder?
Who is going to like the Cellerciser?
Who is going to like the Lymphaciser?

Latest model Cellerciser
I recommend the Cellerciser to anyone that has a bad back and especially with knee problems first of all. Unlike most rebounders that have a harder bounce and bottom out with heavier people, the Cellerciser actually kicks in the 2nd and 3rd tier and eliminated the ballistic impact at the bottom of the bounce. This is what hurts most peoples back and knees. The first tier slows the person down and depending on the weight of the person the 2nd their pops the person back up and the third tier with people over 200 lbs kicks in. Most rebounders give a jolt when the users weight is too much for the spring.

The Cellerciser has the least returned rate of any rebounder I have ever sold. Back in 2008 the price was still 305 and 365 and hasn't changed since 2004 when it was priced. The price is only 30 dollars more today and many dealers have left the company because the dealers price has went up and up while the consumer price has not changed hardly at all. Back then it was super expensive when other rebounders I was selling was 150 less. The same rebounders that I was selling for 215 then are now over 350 dollars today. I see who the true rebounding enthusiasts are now. I have talked to 4 people that used to sell Cellerciser and feel it wasn't right when they kept raising the dealer price and left the consumer price the same. Even one of my biggest distributors stopped promoting them as the best. All the sudden they changed their site saying the new brand they were selling was the best one. Totally not cool.

If someone is 100 lbs or 300 lbs, the Cellerciser won't bottom out and is able to hold the heaviest people. The other brands I used to sell claim they can hold 300 lbs but the G force diminishes and the springs stretch out. They refused to replace my customers springs saying that it was from normal wear and tear. This is why I don't care what the warranties say. A 5 year or lifetime warranty is meaningless because most of the problems are from normal wear and tear and the people still have to pay for springs every two years which is the only problem that usually occurs. If one spring hook gets damaged on a cheaper trampoline, you can't just call and order a single spring. YOU GOT TO REPLACE ALL OF THEM BECAUSE THE TENSILE AND YIELD STRENGTH OF THE NEW SPRING WILL BE DIFFERENT. The bounce will totally feel off.

The Cellerciser has the softest bounce but firmest for doing the Health bounce and strength training and wells as jogging on it. The deceleration has almost entirely no ballistic impact that most people complain about. The bounce has more of a deceleration than the Lymphaciser but the triple tiered springs don't allow it to be squishy feeling I have experienced like the springs that are under 100 grams. Because of the 2nd tier that has more tensile strength than the first, and the 3rd tier having the least yield and most tensile strength. Depending on the weight of the person, it will only engage the tiers of the spring. The new Cellerciser has a patent on their spring and no one can copy it. If a person is doing the health bounce it usually doesn't engage the other tiers entirely. If doing the Health Bounce on a spring that does not have tiers, all the tiers are the same tensile strength and it can feel too hard or too squishy depending on the persons weight.
See the bottom of the page for my offer on the new Cellerciser.

New Zealand Lymphaciser
I recommend the Lymphaciser for those that also have bad back and bad ankles as there is almost zero inversion when bouncing on the Lymphaciser. This is designed especially for the Health Bounce. Many people say it feels to firm when trying to bounce high. It is not designed for that. It gives the most bounces per minute due to its shorter spring. It has the most G force out of every rebounder I have tested at the low amplitudes. Because it gives more bounces per minute than the Cellerciser it can pump the lymph and wastes out of the body quicker. But, the Cellerciser to me and most people that have tried both all agree that the Cellerciser is the most comfortable. If strictly doing it ONLY for therapeutic reasons I ONLY recommend the Lymphaciser. The people know what to expect and will gain from this rebounder will like it. The Cellerciser gets about 15% less bounces per minute and requires just a tiny bit more amplitude to get the same G force. In a 20 minute rebounding session on the Lymphaciser it would take around 17 minutes on the Lymphaciser to get around the same lymphatic movement. But, the Cellerciser allows for a lot more exercises because with higher bounces you can do toning and fat burning exercises better. The best way to describe this rebounder is that it has a firmer bounce but not so firm at the bottom of the bounce so that it doesn't jar you. This rebounder is also super quiet just like the Cellerciser.
It also has no holes punched in the rebounder frame and has a super smooth bounce. This rebounder feels the most different than any spring rebounder on the market.

The yield strength is super high in its springs. The tensile strength is unbelievably high, especially for such small springs. This has the opposite feel than the Cellerciser. For jogging in place or for strictly the Health Bounce its fine but for doing alternate leg curls or front kicks or the Jamba Run it makes it more challenging and requires more deceleration of the mat, just a few more mili seconds to get that burn in the legs that the Cellercise has. The Lymphaciser is my best lymphatic rebounder. If someone is going to go on it for 20 minutes each session and still is going to do some walking or activity that gets their heart rate up, this is a add on. The only thing I don't like is that this doesn't come with a bar. It also doesn't smell like rubber like some of the other rebounders have.

I recommend this to those that only want a rebounder for lymphatic purposes. The bounce is great for those that want the maximum flushes per minute but the bounce becomes stiff and too hard once someone tries to bounce high to do toning exercises or the Jamba Run that is now the latest trend in rebounding along with the Health Bounce. It is super for aerobic exercise. You basically get two out of 3 of the main things a rebounder offers. If not adding weights to your workout and you don't need the bounce to have more deceleration and higher amplitudes its great. For results in detox, I haven't found a rebounder that gets this many bounces per minute with this much comfort in the bounce. No one complains that has bad backs or bad knees unless they jump really high but then again the focus on this rebounder is lymphatic movement.
See the bottom of the page for my offer on the Lymphaciser.

Jumpsport 370 Rebounder
I recommend the Jumpsport 370 as my choice out of all the 3 different bungee rebounder companies, including the new hexagonal bungee that is gaining a lot of attention. The Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline has the smallest mat out of all the rebounders while the others have nearly twice the jumping room. At first I thought that the bigger bungee rebounders had more space to jump but realized after buying it that it didn't. It has a bigger mat but the sweet spot is smaller since bigger mats cone in more. Almost the entire area on the Jumpsport rebounder is the sweet spot. The bigger ones feel really firm around the edges and get saggy in the middle requiring me to keep my feet equal distance apart so one foot won't invert and throw me off balance. This model brand all comes in the same size mat and has the most even bouncing of all bungees I have tried. I can't jump just say on the bigger mats with one foot near the edge and one foot closer to the center because the tension is so different in one foot and so soft in the foot near the middle. Many people have called me saying their bungee rebounder hurts their ankles and knees. I was like, how can this be possible. The bungee is the softest, no jarring, no pop what so ever feel as it throws the person instead of the Health Bounce "pop" feel. I though people were just saying it was hurting their knees because they just wanted to return it. Then, I kept hearing it more. I stopped recommending the bungee all together for people with back, knee, and ankle problems. The Jumpsport has a small enough mat that it doesn't cone in like the bigger bungee mats. If someone's ankle is turned in or inverted while the bungees are throwing the person up in the air, not the first session but over continuous use, the ankles start to feel the tension as time goes by. I also thought that the deep decelerations would be gentle on the back but unlike the Cellerciser that gently decreases the weight coming down and the 2nd tier or 3rd tier pops the person back up after 80% of the belly of the spring has slowed the person down. Its like the heavy G force is only being applied in the 2nd and 3rd tier when about 20% of the person's weight is supported by these last two springs.

The 370 model is my model of choice as the tensions can be set for the weight of the person and eliminates all the issues that I have talked about before. There is actually more sweet spot room on the 370 than I find on the larger mats. Its the sweet spot that matters.

I recommend the Jumpsport with the main focus on fitness and toning. It is great for cardio. For doing lymphatic jumping, or the Health Bounce, I would have to say its secondary although it can be done but you definitely don't get the amount of bounces that the Lymphaciser or Cellerciser gives. The smaller mat also gives less free bounces than the bigger mats. It takes more energy to jump since you are not working on momentum.

There are two types of people that come to me and want a rebounder. If lymphatic drainage is the main concern, every health practitioner I have talked to agrees the spring is the way to go. Every book I have ever read on doing the Health Bounce says to barely jump out of the mat with your feet never going to inches above the mat. The Bungee, if trying to do the health bounce with only going 2 inches over the mat, the bungees don't provide anywhere near the G force as the spring. Usually about 6 inches above the mat can get a similar G force but this slows down the repetition and stops the negative pressure too long so that the lymph drainage can flow when doing the Health Bounce.

With the Jumpsport 370, tuning the bungee cords to its highest tensile strength or lower depending on the weight of the person, the person can get a better Health Bounce rather than on a mat that is bigger with the same tensile and yield strength of cords. The smaller the mat the less squishy the rebounder is giving the same tests and the more G force and pop the smaller the mat is. With a smaller mat I can jump less high and get more bounces per minute. The bungee cords on the Jumpsport models, I have never had to sell someone an extra set of cords.

Many people before didn't know which one to get but not that people know what each can do, its possible to give one or the other a try. I offer 30 days to try any rebounder I carry. I do not charge a restocking fee like most other companies charge as I always have someone waiting to get a demo model. Anyone is welcome to even buy both and keep the one you like. The next person will pay the shipping back. I have been letting people try different rebounders for years and has been working great. I wish more people would do this. It seems that everyone is pushing their brand as the best. When I ask them if they have tried the others on the market they say they haven't. And if they do, they often say to a customer that they don't like it. Honestly, it doesn't matter to me if someone else didn't like it. Not everyone likes the same rebounder. Everyone has a different weight. Not everyone has good knees or back. It just makes me sick and want to argue with someone when they trash talk other brands.

Most gyms carry the Urban Rebounder and it is under 100 bucks. Everyone coming out of the Urban Rebounding class tells me how great it is. But I don't ever hear of anyone saying they did the Health Bounce on it and telling me how much they love it. Its great for jogging but for lymphatic drainage bouncing, thats another story. I would only sell the Urban to someone if I knew they had no knee or ankle issues and not using it for the Health Bounce.

Below I have a video where I take both rebounders to the park and let people rate each one. Everyone likes a different one. Even though I like the new Cellerciser as my favorite, you don't see me telling everyone to get that one and that all others are bad. 
The Lymphaciser springs have super high yield strength and tensile strength. The springs are attached to welded in rods without any hooks into the frame. The springs are in a zig sag formation. This is one of the lowest vibrating frames. Exceptional bounce. I give it my highest rating along with the New Celleciser. I have never had a complaint on this rebounder for people who are buying for lymphatic purposes.
The latest Digitally Tempered Cellerciser Pro has the highest yield strength and tensile strength of all rebounders I have tested. For those that are even over 300 lbs, the third tiers can handle it. For light weight people, the middle part of the spring is engaged. Unlike the Lymphaciser with welded in rods, the Cellerciser allows for high bouncing making it need to have breaks in the design to absorb the vibration. The spring hooks go into a metal piece that extend to the other side absorbing the vibration in the entire pin.
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Jumpsport 370, the best bungee rebounder I have tested. I have tested every size with every tensile strength and even the new hexagonal bungee rebounders.

If you have to have a bungee, the 370 is my favorite. I only promote spring rebounders for getting the true benefits of the Health Bounce.
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