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Which rebounder best serves You? I compile useful information to help you make a decision.
I only believe what I research, not what I hear.

Don't ask which is the best.
I got so many stories!

I called every rebounder company
Everyone told me something different
I ended up buying them all

My research is here for you
I needed a quality rebounder and I could not get a straight answer from any company. It got really confusing when everyone said they had the best one. How is someone supposed to buy a rebounder without trying them when everyone is trying to "sell" you?

After calling every company, I ended up more confused than before I called. If everyone says they have the best, then what is 2nd best, or 3rd. Can everyone be the best? Can they all move lymph? So, I had to buy them all to see for myself. 

When I got the rebounders I decided to test the claims made by these rebounder manufacturers. I finally found out which claims were true and which were hype. I know which ones cone in and invert the ankles and which don't pronate my feet.

On my site you can watch me do many of my tests that helped me decide on the rebounder I ended up using. I will continue to add more tests as questions come to the site. I hope my research helps you to buy the right rebounder the first time around.
I consider the Cellerciser Pro the best mini-trampoline on the market. I tested them all.

The Cellerciser Pro has NO OFF-GASSING. NO CHEMICAL LEACHING. NO RUBBER OR PLASTIC. It has way more steel than any other rebounder in its class (WE weighed them each. A heavier rebounder is way more stable than lighter ones.

Extra Large Bouncing Area: Others with the same size mat have a smaller "sweet spot" and drastically gets firmer so you either have to jump with your feet equally spaced apart or bounce not too close as to cone in and not too far away as too firm. The Cellerciser is JUST RIGHT!

​ Adjusts to your body weight: No need to buy a firmer and a softer one. It is soft enough to give a higher bounce and firm enough to give the Health Bounce when utilizing the belly of the spring without engaging the other two multi-tensile coils.

Full 5 Year Warranty and a 30 Day trial that is binding through the manufacturer. You can try it up to 30 days. If you don't like it I always have someone that will buy one so you don't have to pay shipping back. You get 100% of your money back that you paid us.

​Naugahyde Cover: This is the same material that professional boxing gloves are made of. Not cheap nylon.

The Cellerciser is the only rebounder that didn't jar me nor invert my ankles at all after bouncing for long periods of time. I bounce several hours a day and most of them after about 30 minutes starting making my knees and ankles sore.
If you are considering a rebounder I hope you will get the Cellerciser. It really is different than any other rebounder on the market.
Spring VS Bungee. Do you REALLY want to create inertia while bouncing?
If bouncing to move lymph, you want to stay as close to the mat as possible while landing on your heals to absorb as much G force as you can handle. Although the bungee can make as much G force as a spring rebounder with a higher bounce, you want to bounce so that there is more "inertia" after you release. You want the lymph to flow through the one way valves and not stop. Inertia is what one type gives more of and the other doesn't.

With the force of gravity combined with less or greater inertia it can make the difference between wasting your time on a rebounder and really getting your results.
When considering buying a spring based rebounder, know that in order to do the "Health Bounce you need a more "bumping" rather than "throwing" motion. Think of this example: You can hit a baseball or you can throw it. There is very little ballistic impact upon the balls when thrown versus hitting it gives it much more ballistic impact.
It is not necessarily having a G force but rather the type of G force. Based on everyone that has used both types of rebounders who are trying to detox that I have talked to, everyone has ended up going back to the spring based rebounders as a way to move lymph.
I do not recommend using a cheap rebounder that usually has less than 23 coils. The Cellerciser has 23 coils but has them in tiers so that the bounce is not too buoyant and not too stiff. If you are light weight and only need to use 15 coils, the belly of the spring is what you will use. If you are heavier, you might use the 2nd tier or even the 3rd.
By not having more coils than you need for your weight and having more coils if you want to jump higher or add weights, the Cellerciser spring can adapt to your weight giving the most comfortable bounce at any weight.
If you are going to get a bungee rebounder I suggest you get one that has the smallest mat. I've found that the largest mats give between 85 to 95 bounces per minute when jumping nearly a foot in the air. (Still not at 3 g forces). But, jumping higher to get 3 g forces will bring the bounce number down which is not what we want if we want to do the Health Bounce. The Jumpsport 370 is the only one I would get as it is the most responsive bungee rebounder in that it gives more bounces per minute without having to jump so high to get more G forces.
Again, the Cellerciser rebounders will give you over 100 flushes per minute while keeping your feet just barely over the mat without coning in and inverting your ankles. Remember, the last thing I want is to get altitude as this takes away from my bounces and makes a difference in inertia. More responsiveness and less elasticity is what is needed to do the Health Bounce. With shorter decelerations and lower amplitudes is what the Health Bounce is all about. 
The Cellerciser has the shortest bounce cycle without any jarring and pronation.

I have Cellerciser springs for anyone who can't afford the new Cellerciser. Contact me if you need a set of springs. If you truly can't afford the digital Cellerciser, I do have people that are willing to trade in their old analog springs that will sell their old springs.
They said I couldn't take the Cellerciser springs and put them on a different rebounder to avoid buying a Cellerciser. Well, I don't like when they say it won't fit and when I tried it I made it fit. I did have to pull the springs pretty hard to make it fit but it fitted and that's what counts.
Can you find the 5 things that are changed in the 2nd picture.
Why I chose the Cellerciser:

First, I wanted a rebounder that would give keep me close to the mat in order to maximize my bounces and and also give me bounce if I need it. The Cellerciser has minimal coning and the bounce is very even across the surface. I found that even though the mat on the Cellerciser was the same as other brands, the Cellerciser gives more surface area to jump because it is not too soft in the middle and not to firm around the edges. The center has very minimal travel than towards the edge.

The frame is much heavier and feels more stable than others that I have tested in the same price range and doesn't seem like it will warp over time. I like the new design innovations including the digital tuned springs that I tested to validate if they were actually tuned per the manufacturer Cellercise.com. The digitally tuned springs and the heavier frame justifies the higher price of the Cellerciser alone.

I tested the Cellerciser for any off-gassing and there was no sign of any chemical leaching. I used a hair dryer to demonstrate this also. It seems that some rebounders have a temporary off-gassing and will not permanently off-gas as shown when I tested a used rebounder with rubber feet. The old ones had pretty much leached its formaldehyde almost entirely. I could not keep a rebounder in my house that permanently stinks or even for a month.

When I jump on it, my feet which naturally over-pronate didn't add any stress to my knees like other rebounders did in the same or higher price range. The stress to my knees on other rebounders exacerbated my mild arthritis just from the pronation the mats gave.

Cleaning of the rebounder after a sweaty workout is also important to me. I wanted to see what a sweat-resistant rebounder would do if I left it outside so I kept it on my porch for 2 weeks to see if it would cause any damage to the mat cover or springs. Rain after rain, there was no sign of warpage or damage to the rebounder.

The Cellerciser has even bounces and had the flattest surface possible outside of the Lympholine which had a flat surface but failed to give me everything else I was looking for. 

The Cellerciser gives enough bounce but keeps you close to the mat so you don't have to buy two different rebounders. There was only one other rebounder that seemed to be designed to maximize the bounces per minute but I wasn't so sure about being exposed to springs and other aspects of the design. Plus, I want to have the bounce when I need it. Otherwise, I would buy a bungee rebounder and a low bounce rebounder but I prefer having one rebounder that will do it all.

The latest Cellerciser model seems to be the best resemble of what I am looking for in a rebounder. I am not too interested in having to replace springs regularly nor have to keep my feet spaced evenly apart to avoid inverting my ankles. The Cellerciser, which adjusts to my body weight no matter how high or low I jump is the rebounder I have chosen to use in my daily exercise and lymphatic workout. It is totally opposite than a bungee rebounder that gave me almost no impact and minimal G forces. Given my interest in "coning" and the potential for too much air-time, the Cellerciser each day has not failed any of my concerns. I sell the Cellerciser with an unconditional 100% money back guarantee with free shipping back to the manufacturer for any reason it doesn't meet your needs like it did mine. It really does have enough G force at the low amplitudes to move my lymph and give me a more efficient workout. 

Please call me if you want to discuss the Cellerciser with me. I spent a lot of time testing these rebounders and will give a thorough evaluation for everyone that is interested in purchasing a rebounder.
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