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I have put up a chart the most popular complaints based on all the years of selling rebounders.

#1 Inversion (pronation of the joints)
The last thing you want is to invert your ankle while you jump.
Yes, that's what we mean when we talk about ankle inversion over time.
You should be able to jump on a mini trampoline at any point. In better rebounders,
jumping in the center should have nearly the same bounce as jumping near the edge.
Good rebounders won't throw you to the center. Why not get a rebounder that doesn't 
invert your ankles in the first place.
If jumping on a poorly constructed rebounder that can jar you, usually the jarring finds the weakest joint and
damages it first. The ankles are the most common, then the knees, then the lower lumbar.
Jarring is different than the action that happens when a rebounder bottoms out. If there is not enough time
between decelleration and acceleration a person jumping on a rebounder can stop too abruptly. Springs should
have enough movement to prevent jarring.

Chemical exposure.
Our eyes always look like this when going into a tire store. Rebounders made of rubber and plastic might
do the same to those that are chemically intolerant.

If you ever walked into a tire store and smelled what that smelled like then you would know what we mean by
the smell that leaches from plastic models. Many people don't notice the smell and this smell doesn't even bother them but the harmful effects are still there.
Traveling with a rebounder should be just as easy as
carrying a laptop. 

Many people don't take their rebounder to work or with them on vacations since they are hard to carry.
We even have models that will fit in an airplane overhead compartment. Make sure you get one that is easy
to fold and doesn't require too much effort.

Duration of life. 
Some rebounders are built to last. Some are built so that you have to change the springs every 2 years.
The frames typically don't wear out but if you don't oil them they will get squeeky and make that rattling noise.
Some like the stronger springs since they don't have to be oiled as much and the springs don't have to be changed
every two years. Some rebounders are cheap but the real cost is when you have to pay $75
every two year or two to get new springs. 
Well, not quite this versatile!
 If you want to leave it out side and let it bake in the sun then you will be disapointed when you bring it inside
and your house smells like rubber. A good rebounder is versatile. It can be left outside or inside and left outside
even in the rain and snow and the hot summer. Also, if the rebounder is not easy to use, convenient, and
portable that usually stops many people from using their rebounder. A good rebounder can fold without hassle.

Even Bouncing
A rebounder should harness the energy put into it and not dissipate it. A good rebounder will utilize the energy
you put in to your benefit. Certain springs can harness more energy more effeciently than others. Tapered springs
harness energy better than a single our double tiered spring. I have heard stories of people buying the best springs
on the market and putting them on their old rebounder. This does not work. This has been tried many times.
Springs must fit the rebounder that is was made for otherwise you can have the problems that people complain about.

It is not fun to clean up the rubber marks on wooden
floors from a plastic tip rebounder.
Do you want to jump on your rebounder without always having to carry a mat under it to avoid scuffing up the
hardwood floor? Rubber feet do not have the longevity of polymar feet and they can mark up the floor. They
also don't give the chemical exposure like rubber does. Polymar legs do not wear out nearly as fast as rubber.
Sometimes the rebounders with plastic tips get wobbly since one foot has prematurely worn out quicker than
the other feet. If you get rubber legs then make sure you buy extra feet. You will need them.

Things to watch out for when buying a mini trampoline.
​1. Make sure each spring sounds very identical at the tap of a spoon. This shows me if there are any flaws in my springs.

2. Look for paint that doesn't eventually chips away. I hate sweeping up all that black chipped paint. Once the paint is gone it starts to rust. Better frames have electrostatic powdered paint that stays on. You can even store electrostatically painted rebounders outside in the rain and the paint doesn't come off nor will it rust.

3. Look for pre-fitted, thick springs. Normally springs have to be replaced every 2 years which costs about $75 dollars. Prefitted springs don't fall off when you travel since they are pre-fitted making travel easy. Triple tiered springs give
a more even bounce than single tiered ones on the models we tested. We don't recommend putting tripple tiered spings in a cheaper rebounder. Many people have tried that and if they are not pre-fitted they will not fit right.

4. Hand welded rebounders with "cold spots" in the weld that make it prone to breaking over time. Better rebounders won't wobble due to the "cold spots" or imperfections in the weld. The best welding is done by a computerized robotic weld. This is a much more expensive process.

5. Stay away from cheap mats such as nylon. Decide if you want a 1 ply mat or a 4 ply mat. The best mats are made out of polypropelene. This is way more expensive material than nylon. This is also weather resistant and does not warp like the others when left outside. The sun doesn't harm these types of mats like nylon mats.

Lifetime warranty scams:
Most companies that advertise a lifetime warranty I do NOT trust. When I read the warranty carefully, and yes, it is hard to find since it is not written very clearly, that if the springs or mat are not damaged by reasonable wear and tear they will replace the mat or springs only ONCE for that rebounder.

BEWARE: A lifetime warranty does not cover every part of the rebounder. When your springs wear out in 2 years from normal wear and tear they will NOT replace them. They only replace it if there was a defect, otherwise people would keep the rebounder or 20 years and get new springs every time they want them.

Mat Sag:
"Bottom out"on a rebounder is when we are jumping we are hitting the floor instead of being properly supported. This happens when we sink too much and there is not enough lift. Ones with less support tend to do this.
Tapered springs has recently solved this problem as a tiered spring is said to adjust to the user's weight.  

Folding VS. Non-Folding:
Many companies will tell you that their non folding model is built better since it is more stable since it does not fold. If a rebounder is well built then it doesn't matter if it folds or it is a non fold model. The quality of the unit is determined by the type of springs, the mat, the stitching, the welding, and the finishing. A portable rebounder that is not built good will show that it is poor quality if you know what to look for. Our website teaches what to look for when choosing a rebounder or you can always call us for a recommendation or take our quiz. If you do decide to get a folding, the ones we found that are the best are the ones with C-channel locking over the hinges. I would not buy one if it did not have that.

I used this product last March. On the second day of my workout I felt a sharp pain in my knee. I was doing some type of a twisting maneuver that was on the workout DVD. I ended up tearing the cartilage in my knee, having painful knee surgery, and my knees have never been the same since. I sold my rebounder to a skinny friend. I'm about 50 lbs overweight so I'm wondering if that contributed to my injury. Just be careful!
I used this product for about three weeks. My DVD was damaged so I could not really follow along. The spring on one of the legs broke, so I was forced to put it out back and my kids used it to jump on!

Waste of money
The ____ rebounder is fun for all ages, but this consumes too much space, its squeaky, its hard to fold, the springs on the legs look like it will not last. They charges me $30 for shipping, and unfortunately, I was not happy w/ it, so I returned it and cost me $40 to ship it back. I wasted $70 just for shipping and returning.

Not thrilled with the rebounder
I saw the infomercial on the rebounder and they made it seem so easy and thought since I am overweight and out of shape this would be a fun and not hard on my body work out. WRONG I got it set it up and there is sits. I get on it and can jump about 2 minutes and my feet hurt and body aches. I can get on my treadmill and go for 20 minutes with no problem the rebounder I can do very little. Also it says quick fold LIE I got it up and cant get it to fold down like they say it does.
I must be the only unhappy person
I have had the rebounder for about 2 weeks now and at first I was really excited to get it and use it. I have used it consistently since I got it and the springs are awfully loud and it has been a workout in itself to remove the legs...one of them I have to keep upright all the time because it is so stuck. Unfortunately, I live on the top floor of an apartment building and it is just too much squeaking and noise to put up with in a small apartment....They say that it is not necessary to fold it each time but not everyone is blessed with space.

Just started _____ rebounder. So far I am enjoying it, seem to be getting a workout. I agree with another reviewer that the people seem a bit odd- but all are in fantastic shape. My only complaint is how noisy it is. My springs are very loud and squeaky. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem.
I also tried it using a small tramp. from another source -too jarring. Got the _______ Rebounder tramp -- its a soft, rhythmic bounce as they say. I guess the springs do make a difference. I love the variety of workouts that are available.
I just started rebounding and I really like it. Your feet will hurt at first (increased circulation) and it will take some time to get used to the bounce, but overall I think I will get great benefits from this product.

This is an awesome workout and it has many benefits if you read up on the subject. Don't make the same mistake I did and buy a cheap rebounder/trampoline. I tried to do the workouts on it and I couldn't get through the beginner tape on the cheap model. It hurt my legs and my back. So I returned that one and ordered the _____ Rebounder. I received it today and made it through the workout with a lot less effort but if you think it looks easy, it is definitely a workout. The authentic ______ Rebounder is much easier to use and it's high quality. The videos that come with it are well done.  
If you have a complaint about any rebounder please let us know and we will look over it and post it if we need to.
If you want to see how jarring your rebounder is you can start humming while you rebound to see which rebounders jar the body.
The lungs are an audible way of showing how a rebounder jars a person that might not be visible to the eye or easily demonstrated by watching a person jump. 

I recommend everyone go to a sporting good store and see what a $30 to $50 rebounder feels like. If you jump on a high quality rebounder right after rebounding on an inferior rebounder, you will notice the difference. Many people buy the lower quality rebounder and never know any different. They get turned off by rebounding since it jars their body and gives them back problems. I still can't figure out why anyone would want to do exercise that cause them pain. Moving lymph should be gentle.

Take the rebounder quiz.
A final word:
The complaints that I have heard over the years have inspired me to write on these topics that you are seeing on this page. Use the information on this page to make the best choice possible. If you are still confused and would like some more help in picking the perfect rebounder for yourself use the quiz listed below.

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