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Rebounder Feet Tips: 
Even on the carpet, some rebounder feet will mark up your carpet. Avoid black feet unless it is
made of Polymer material. Polymer will not make black marks on your rug or hard wood floors.
The two most common types of feet which are on the top rebounders:
Rubber: Cheap rubber tips can crack over time so make sure you get a set of replacements if you get rubber feet.
Black rubber can mark up your hardwood floor or can make black stains on your carpet tha are very hard
to get out.
Polymer: Feet made of polymer will not scratch or mark up the floor or rug. They will hold up
many more years than rubber feet.
The Cellerciser has Polymer feet. The Bellicon rebounders seemed have a unique blend of whatever they put in their feet that is some secret blend but it sure grips the floor good. After that, all the others seemed to be about equal. Either the feet make black marks on the floor not... there is no in between. 
The Athletic has white feet which can look dirty but at least it doesn't mark up your floor. 
Polymer feet seem to grip the floor better. When doing certain exercises you will appreciate how these legs grip the floor.

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Open from 8am till 10pm

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