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The heavier you are, the more you will want to get a frame that can support your weight. 

Many non-folding rebounders absorb too much shock and over time they can warp. 
Avoid hand welded frames. Robotic welded frames are the least likely to warp.
Unless the rebounder has a non-folding frame, many people like the folding models better.
The folds absorb more of the stress and make the frame less likely to warp.
There are frames that can crack or if they are steel you might end up having to a piece of newspaper
under one of the feet to prevent the rebounder from rocking when you jump.

Frame Testing:
Plastic Frames will break eventually over time.
You will rarely see a health club using equipment made of plastic.
Steel Frames can last virtually forever depending on the wall
of the frame and warping resistance.

Types of Frame Welding 
There are 2 types of frame on the market, hand welded and robotically welded.
Hand welded frames are more prone to warp over time due to the cold fractures when the person stops and
starts the welding process. A robotically welded frame is made from start to finish without stopping and starting.
Roboticlly welded frames are the least likely to warp and cause the rebounder to wobble.

There are 2 types of paint that that rebounders have today.
1. Spray Painted- This paint usually chips away over time. We have taken a hand held vacuum on a rug where a rebounder was being used for over a year and you would not believe how much black paint was in the carpet that was not noticable to the naked eye. A rebounder will start to rust if the paint is chipped away.
2. Electrostatically Applied (non spray painted)- This is what most of the high end rebounder companies use. It is a much more expensive process to put electrostatic powdered paint on steel that will stay on for a lifetime,even in the rain and hot sun. The paint has become embedded into the steel and trying to scrap it off with a knife will only scratch the steel and not scrape the paint off.Paint that is electric plated makes the paint adhere to the metal. Frame Tips: If you are going to get a steel frame, make sure the frame was not welded by hand. Always go for computerized welding to avoid weak spots which can eventually cause the frame to warp and become unstable just like a table where you have to wedge a piece of plastic or a wooden wedge under the legs so the table won't wobble. Computerized welding is done so uniformly that it cannot compare to an unsteady hand.

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A final word on frames:
Personally, I am not too concerned about the appearance of my rebounder as long as there is not too much give in the frame. The more folds the frame has, the sturdier the rebounder. I tend to avoid non folding frames as over time the frame can warp. If you are going to leave it outside or ever want to sanitize the rebounder with water, you don't have to worry about rust or paint chipping away with electrostatically applied paint. Once the rebounder starts to rust, the stability starts to diminish in the framework. The tubing you want to look for is a square tubed frame to give extra stability and less noise as the hollow angular frame absorbs noise.

Before buying a rebounder, know about the frames. Some are made of plastic, some steel, and some are spray painted and some are electro statically applied paint so there is no chipping.Some frames are VERY hard to close and can require two people and some can be closed very easily, even my grandmother can open and close her rebounder it all by herself. 
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