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Cover Comparisons:
There are many types of covers.
1. Cloth covers
2. Plastic covers (usually with Velcro)
3. Leather covers (rare since they get moldy)
4. Rubber covers (neoprene) Don't buy if you have allergies.
5. Naughahyde (best one) Most versatile, used in many boxing gloves.

Remember to get a high quality spring cover to protect your feet! A good cover also can act as a sound dampener if your springs squeak. And, if a spring pops off...you do NOT want the spring to hit you. Just imagining it makes us flinch.

Some covers are more fabric like and others are more leather like. You can buy a naughahyde cover, which is the most protective cover and doesn't smell of formaldehyde in the heat, and put it on a different rebounder. Many people do this and
just sell their cheaper cover on Ebay.
Needak (older model)                                                                    Cellerciser (older model without cross stitch)

The bungees do not have covers. 
The mat is big enough that I never step outside of the mat onto a bungee. 
The Athletic cover by Bellicon has a durable cover which only fits the Bellicon.
Some rebounders do not have a cover at all. Watch the videos and you can notice how the covers act as sound dampeners. Please ignore the roach in that picture. Barney actually ate it right after I took this picture.
This tear happened over time and you can see that the this rebounder has just a piece of thick fabric over the springs. (NO, Barney did not chew on that mat although he has torn up my pillows on my couch.

EDITOR'S PICK: I liked the covers that are made of Naughahyde the best. The models made with Naughahyde are thicker and seemed to have less tears in its cover due to the way the hinges sometimes catch the cover.

EDITOR'S WORST: I avoid rebounders that do not have have a thick cover. It was almost as if these covers are there just for looks and not protection. The cheaper 50 dollar model cover is even worse. And some did not have a cover at all but once someone gets their foot caught in the springs they will usually learn from that mistake. If you are going to get a rebounder without a cover (and especially if kids are using it or people with balance problems), make SURE that you get the bar. Don't call me up and tell me your feet are all bloody!!!

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A final word on covers:
Some of the covers are water resistant and some are water proof. This is very important because being water proof means it will be protected from sweat or if you leave it outside in the sun or rain. A good cover also doesn't need to be wiped down. Naughahyde covers, which are the most durable, is an example of a cover that I don't need to wipe down and can leave outside. It is also the same cover that is used in boxing gloves. A good cover also lays right so that it doesn't get chewed up in the hinges when you try to fold the rebounder.

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Open from 8am till 10pm

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