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The non folding Lymphaciser is my favorite rebounder for doing the Health Bounce. It has less coils than some of the multi-function rebounders but I consider this a serious detox rebounder. This give the most bounces per minute of all the rebounders I have tested without the jarring. I do not like it for bouncing really high as it it is intended for low amplitude bouncing. It is funny that all the people who get on it try to jump high like a regular trampoline. It has fewer coils so it doesn't throw you up so high to get the G force. The best rebounder for the Health Bounce is low amplitude, high repetition, and sufficient G force to open up the lymph channels. This is exactly what this does.

I would seriously consider this rebounder as a decision to make if you are considering a detox program. I would choose this rebounder as my favorite for doing a rebounder for the Health Bounce. 

The springs don't weight nearly a much as the multi-function rebounders but if someone is only trying to do the Health bounce, I would recommend this one. The best way to say it is that my favorite rebounder does a great job on the health bounce, a great job for toning, and a great job for jogging. I would say this falls in the perfect category for Health bounce and repetition for not jarring and inverting the ankles.

If someone is serious about getting a rebounder for detox only, this excels over all other rebounders. It is very expensive, at 449 plus shipping. (I offer free shipping on my site to help offset the price). I can only do this when I buy a large stock when I get a better price.

The mat is the best I ever used. It has Nine times of their stitching, most rebounders have two to five. The edge has 2 layers of polyester webbing around the edge which keeps it from fraying like the cheap rebounders. The covering for the spring is made of Kodra. It feels different to the feet if you step on it than naugahyde or vinyl.

This is a commercial rated rebounder and is suitable for gyms. Most rebounders are not allowed to go in gyms and will void the warranty. This has a 1 year warranty for gyms and should last a lifetime for for residential use. It has 36 springs. Most rebounders in the 300+ price range only have 32. This rebounder does not  invert my ankles and gives the most even bouncing throughout the entire rebounder. 

I used to sell this rebounder under a different label in 2008 when they stopped selling it to me. It was one of the best sellers at the time but then I couldn't get it I had to take it off my site. Same with the Lympholine, they discontinued that over some issue that I still don't know what happened. 

This has screw in legs which are good as they don't lose strip like the cheap screw in legs that you have to replace legs because they strip. The feet on the rebounder have a medal washer in it and won't strip through the feet also. The springs are made of super high tensile strength. They call is English spring steel. This won't lose its tensile strength like the cheap models that you have to replace springs every few years or less if you want a very responsive rebounder. The springs are yielding and give a deep bounce for the fewer coils it has. Most rebounder that have the fewer amount of coils like this one jar you and put stress on my knees. This one is the smoothest if ones focus is mostly for the health bounce only.

Aside from the quality of the rebounder, I love the rainbow webbing. Does the webbing look familiar to anyone? :)

New Lymphaciser
An Electrically-tuned Rebounder, however, is one that the manufacturing process, spring rates, mat tension, and mat weave construction, have all been taken into consideration to ensure that the frequency generated from all the movement and tension mentioned above, produces a frequency of energy that, when vortexed by the rebounder is in harmony with 
the body's electromagnetic fields.

The standard accessories included with a Lympholine
Free Cell Phone sticker (blocks EMF) $55 value
Free Lymphatic phone consultation
Free sample of Green Superfoods
You will get the freebies sent to you the day you order.
Call for availability of this import rebounder.
Note: this is not digitally tempered, it is electrically tuned. Do not confuse digital tempering such as the Cellerciser spring and the Tuning on the Lymphaciser. They are totally different technologies.

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