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Consumer guide topics:
How to measure if springs or bungee cords are applying perfectly distributed tension across the mat.
One of the biggest concerns with purchasing a rebounder should be to make sure it is not causing any mis-alignments in the body and changing one’s structure in an unbalanced way over time. The main cause of this is from bouncing on a mat that does not maintain equal tension and also a flat surface throughout the whole bounce movement. 

A basic test is shifting 90% of your weight on the mat to one foot and watching to see if the mat is coning inwards or dipping into a cone where that foot is. With a high end rebounder with proper spring tension this should be very minimal or nonexistent. The rule of thumb is that if there is coning then that rebounder was really designed for high altitude dynamic jumping which is what we more commonly see in acrobatics and gymnastics training routines, not rebounder designed for lymphatic drainage.

The other almost foolproof test to seeing how well bungee cords or springs are balanced or tuned is the bowling ball test.
Bring your rebounder to a bowling alley or “borrow” a ball from the alley nearby you, which probably doesn’t exist because no one wants to bowl anymore they’d rather use their Wii or smartphones…Next position the ball over the center of the mat. I would get some white chalk or preferred color and draw a perfect equal cross on the center. Get a tape measure and find the center of the circle based on taking two crossing diameter measurements. If you failed geometry 101 then this test should be impossible for you. In that case just email me for the answers. 

As I was saying position the bowling ball at the same height for ever drop. I like to hold my arms out perfectly straight without elbows bent then drop onto cross below. Make sure to do this outside!!! That way if the ball bounces off the rebounder it will not damage your wife’s favorite hardwood flooring. If you are obsessed with linoleum then no worries feel free to do the test indoors but keep pets and small children far away from the testing area. 

So if the rebounder has proper tension the ball will do several bounces straight up and down in the center without deviating from the center. It’s normal for the last few bounces that are just a few inches high for the ball to move off center. If you had the opportunity to test multiple brands this way like I have in my videos you would see the big differences between brands.

Rebounder oiling problems:
There has been much controversy related to certain competitor companies I will not name doing rebounder tests with the most popular brands that use metal spring systems. What is so controversial is that what the consumer does not know is that they have been altering the metal springs to make them appear loud and squeaky on camera.
In general a high end spring system that is properly oiled can be as quiet as a bungee cord system.

Fake test #1
Do not oil springs

Fake test #2
Soaking the metal springs in lemon juice and let dry. The acids in the lemon not only damage the springs but will cause excessive friction on the surface of the coils. Overtime as it eats away a bit at the finish on the spring it will become louder and louder with usage. The sound of a spring soaked in lemon juice will make an awful sound with a pitch that does not sound the same as a springs that need to be oiled or haven't been oiled in a long time. We are doing a sound pitch video to show. Lies and bogus reviews cannot remain hidden. Truth will eventually be revealed thanks to someone who have us this tip.

Fake Test #3

Freezing the springs. We all know that when metal gets cold it becomes very brittle. By freezing the springs then attaching them to a mat during setup the coils will be very resistant to movement as the atoms slow down and this leads to squeaking. Visually this is yet another way that even in person no one could visually see that the springs had been tampered with.
Fake Test #4

Finding the poorest quality springs out there and also not oiling them and stating that all metal springs for all brands are like that. A company has even gone so far as to replace a high end rebounder with the poorest quality springs. It is hard to tell over video this has been done. We know the sounds of each brand of rebounder spring and in the videos they sound nothing like them. It is sad that companies have to make bogus reviews to sell their rebounders.

If you see a video or review in question that looks bogus I would love to see them. That goes for my site too. If anyone sees anything that is not accurate on my site, please let me know so I can look in to it.
#1 Rule of Rebounding
for lymphatic rebounding

Always land on heels and roll to toe.
This can only be done with a minimal initial tension based on your weight.

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